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Despite many female athletes being in the spotlight, female coaches still aren’t a common sight in the sports world. Female coaches provide young girls with more positive experiences, so the landscape needs to shift. Not only is this important for today’s generation, but also the next who will show the athletes of tomorrow how amazing it is to be part of a diverse and equal team. So, here are 8 compelling reasons why girls need more female coaches.

They’re brilliant role models

Girls need visible role models who aren’t afraid to be confident, competitive, and strong leaders. Inspiring female coaches help to build self-esteem, self-belief, and keep girls active and engaged in sports.

They’re great examples of what women can do

“If she can see it, she can be it.” It’s easier for girls to dream big when they know what’s possible. Coaching is a valid career option and it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female – you can be a good coach. Any gender can understand rules, strategies and learn new skills.

They make it easier for girls to take part in “sports for men”

Many girls love football and rugby, but they steer away because these sports are male-dominated. They feel intimidated and worry they’ll be judged or laughed at. Females coaching “sports for men” open doors as girls are more likely to take part and be comfortable.

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They understand girl problems

Female coaches just get it. They relate to the pressures that girls face, whether it’s to do with body image, confidence, friends or periods. These daily challenges can sometimes affect performance so having someone that works around these is what every female athlete needs.

They give importance to relationships and emotions

Girls need female coaches they can laugh, joke, and talk about serious life matters with. Training is hard but what makes it bearable and worthwhile is a personal bond between coach and athlete. Plus, women are naturally nurturing so they focus on the human side of coaching, rather than being too hard all the time.

They offer different learning styles and perspectives

Women take different approaches to teaching which some athletes might prefer. They have different life experiences, values, and attitudes to men so they can offer fresh insights and advice.

They challenge stereotypes

Women aren’t too weak to develop and build a team of talented, powerful, and successful individuals. Female coaches actively work towards changing the perception of outdated gender stereotypes about women.

They teach boys how to respect girls

Boys learn how to treat girls as equals by seeing females in a leadership position. It also better prepares them to respect females of any social position, now and in the future.

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