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imagine that performing arts


Imagine That Performing Arts has been running since 2014 and offers quality and affordable performing arts classes for young people in Airdrie, Scotland. It provides a range of classes in Acting, Singing and Musical Theatre for children and young people between the ages of 5-18 years. They also were awarded Performing Arts School of the Year 2021-2023.

We spoke to Company Director, Aiden Miller about the challenges that Imagine That Performing Arts faced before using LoveAdmin and how we were able to help.

We took cash payments from parents as well as bank transfer. Keeping up to date with the multiple modes of payment for the number of children took up a lot of time.

Aiden Miller, Imagine That Performing Arts

Imagine That Performing Arts

The challenge

Administration, such as emailing and fee payments, had been challenging. At one point, Imagine That Performing Arts had to manually ensure fees were up to date for 200 students – which was time-consuming and can cause errors.

From cash payments to bank transfers, keeping up to date with multiple payment types for lots of children took their team a lot of time. They needed to find a system that would not only make payment reconciliation easy but also communication efficient.

In 2020, Imagine That Performing arts found LoveAdmin’s drama school management software and no longer needed to worry about admin.

We have really loved the email service provided through LoveAdmin. It has meant that we can see at a glance who has read emails so parents can no longer say they haven’t received an email.

Aiden Miller, Imagine That Performing Arts

Solution & results

Better content management

Better contact management

Imagine That Performing Arts utilises the user-friendly Contact CRM to keep all member information in one place, send group or individual comms and so much more.

Reduce time spent on admin

Reduced time spent on admin

The all-in-one software means that Aiden and his team no longer have to spend hours updating multiple spreadsheets. They can now easily see who has paid, and who hasn’t and automate new registrations.

Improved Communications Icon

Improved communication

Since joining LoveAdmin, Imagine That Performing Arts have benefited from our communication tools. They can easily send messages and see who has or hasn’t seen them with our built-in history tracking.

Easily collect payments


Imagine That Performing Arts have been able to streamline their payments. Their 200+ students and parents can now easily checkout and pay in a way that is convenient for them.

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“The customer service team have been so helpful; I would 100% recommend the LoveAdmin system. It’s made our lives much easier with ensuring our fee payments are up to date for all our children and young people and the email system helps us to make sure that no one is left out of important information.”

Aiden Miller, Imagine That Performing Arts

Why LoveAdmin?

An extension of their team

At LoveAdmin, we believe in the power of collaboration. When Imagine That Performing Arts became our customer, we became an extension of their team – all working together to help them succeed.

5* support

Our platform is great for member communication. It allows Imagine That Performing Arts to send group members and send out emails proactively, whenever needed.

Collect all types of revenue

With our software set up and support, Imagine That Performing Arts were able to collect payments more efficiently, improving their customer experience. This not only freed up their time to focus on the business but gave a boost to their revenue.