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Sevenoaks Junior Hockey Club

With 18 Adult teams and over 650 Members, Sevenoaks Junior Hockey Club is a sporting force to be reckoned with. They won the European Club of the Year Award between 2015-2016 – no small feat. Despite achieving frequent sporting excellence, they are a prime example of the phrase 'work hard, play harder' due to their thriving social events which are organised by their 100-strong army of dedicated Volunteers.
Sevenoaks Junior Hockey Club were in the market for a membership management system that would reduce their admin time, increase payment collection and improve access to the latest membership information. After evaluating different systems, they turned to LoveAdmin and have now improved safeguards, increased their payment collection rate and automated their Members’ registration and renewal process.

The Challenge

When a new child registered, two separate forms had to be printed and handed to them. After the forms were completed, they were handed back to the Coaches (who were already managing admin pitchside for existing Players renewing). Payment was made by cheque or bank transfer. The forms, along with payment, were handed to the membership secretary. New Players’ information was entered manually into a spreadsheet. Existing Players’ information was crosschecked against last terms information to see if any details had changed - an administration nightmare.
With lots going on in the Club, it was important to keep the Parents up-­to-date but there was no quick and easy way to publish information. Coaches were relied upon to send e-mails to their Players.
The Club soon identified the need for a solution which would free up the Coaches' time, centralise the collection of information and payments and would allow easy communication with the Parents.

The Solution

Cue, LoveAdmin.
The first step was to set up an online registration form so that new Members could register conveniently online (and importantly, away from coaching sessions). As Players registered, their information fed directly into the membership database, payment was collected and reconciled automatically, and a welcome email was sent. As a result, there was no more typing information into spreadsheets, marking off who has paid, no trips to the bank or sending letters in the post.
Sevenoaks Junior Hockey Club also takes advantage of the '3 click' renewal process meaning sending out payment requests for the new season is quick and easy and as Members (or more accurately, the Parents!) login to pay, they can also keep their own membership information up-to-date, thus removing the job of cross-checking renewal forms against last terms spreadsheet for Coaches or Club Officials.
With live reporting, the Club can also now easily keep tabs on who has and hasn't paid. Coupled with our built-in email tool, sending reminders direct from the payment report section couldn't be easier and improves collection rates too meaning they don't lose track of a single penny.
Access to Members’ information has also improved drastically as the Club produces registers from within the software. These contain important membership data such as medical conditions, emergency contact info and even the Members’ payment status - all accessible via an app on the Coach’s phone.
Another major benefit to the Club is the ability to quickly send messages to the Parents. They can do this because the LoveAdmin membership database is connected to a group email tool. All they have to do is pick the group they want to email, then send personalised emails to everyone in that group using the latest information from the database. They can even see what happens to the email after they press send so when someone says they didn't receive the email, they can now check!

The Result

  • We'll let the numbers do the talking:
  • Admin has been reduced by 90%
  • 100% of payments have been collected
  • Payments collected 5x quicker
  • Revenue has increased by £1,000

Thanks to LoveAdmin, Coaches now spend more time on coaching and less time on admin. The way it should be.

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