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Let’s start with what is quite an obvious statement. Running a gymnastics club is difficult. Whether it’s managing the staff, the parents or the gymnasts themselves, you probably feel bombarded with queries and requests. Satisfying everybody becomes a seemingly impossible task.

Does that sound familiar?

That problem of keeping everybody happy only gets harder the bigger your club gets, with more gymnasts, you get more problems. More problems mean you need to find more solutions, and before too long everything has probably got really complicated.

It’s at this point you need to come to terms with the fact that giving everybody exactly what they want is impossible. If you keep aiming for that, you’ll end up wrapping yourself in a spiders web of complexity that will stop you from ever being able to grow.

The customer is always right, or are they?

It’s the epitome of good customer service and recited endlessly, first used by the founder of Selfridges many years ago. Ever since that point however, we’ve all been saying it wrong, and the impact that has had on running an efficient operation has been devastating. What Harry Selfridge actually said was:

“The customer is always right, in matters of taste”

It means that we shouldn’t judge what a customer wants. Your opinion on whether something is good or not comes second to your customers, as they’re the ones that are making the purchase.

You’re the expert

Now that we’ve broken our second myth and are starting to regain control, it’s now time to look at how you can make things more simple. If you can position yourself to your customers as the expert (which isn’t difficult when you are actually an expert!), and that you’re in control, you’ll face less resistance when you give them less choice.

Reducing choice is a key way of making your organisation easier to run, and will help you to grow. A simpler shopping experience with only a few different payment options is easier to navigate, and therefore easier for a potential customer to get from being interested in joining, to actually booking a class.

Time is the rarest commodity

By taking back control from your customers and making your billing model simpler to understand you’re going to win more than just extra revenue. When you strip out the endless questions and exceptions you’ll gain several hours back per week, freeing you up to focus on what’s next, setting goals and going out and achieving them.

Having a simple structure to your working week with dedicated time to work in your business and on your business can help you make the most of the newly found time. If you don’t have a structure with the way you work, it’s very difficult to have structure in your organisation overall. The time in which you work on your business should be a time where you’re thinking 6 months ahead, creating a strategy and building the plans to help that come to life.

Where to look first

So far, we’ve spoken in very broad terms about how adapting to make things more simple can give you the tools you need to grow. This in isolation doesn’t help you in actually making these things happen, so here are some ideas to help you on your way that you can actually apply to your gymnastics club:

  1.  What things do you do that take the most time but affect the least number of people? These should be the first things you look at streamlining.
  2. Which jobs do you simply dread doing because of how manual and time intensive they are? There’ll be a simpler way of achieving a similar thing
  3. How many options does a potential customer have when they’re looking to join? If that number is more than 3, that’s too many!
  4. What jobs do you do each month that are neither urgent or important? Why are you still doing them?
  5. What offers, prices or concessions do you have that you only keep because it’s what you’ve always done? If the only reason you do something is because it’s what you’ve always done, it’s probably not actually adding value.

Growth awaits!

Now that you’ve simplified your structure, you’re giving yourself the best platform to grow your gymnastics club. By giving yourself more time in your working week you can focus on new initiatives and ideas, by stripping out complexity for new customers, you make joining your club as easy as possible. This is very much a starting point to help you get into the right mindset to enable you to grow, to scale, and to fulfil your potential.

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