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Recipe for Success: 8 Essential Ingredients to Leverage Your Preschool Classes and Grow Your Dance School

Fiona has been teaching for 19 years, and for the past 10 yrs has run a thriving dance school on the south coast, with extremely high demand for their preschool and early years classes.

Fiona founded Vanilla Preschool Dance in order to help dance school owners leverage this age group, in order to grow their school, by helping them recruit, train, and retain teachers.

This can be hard because there’s not much training out there for teaching this age group (even though it’s such a key part of what we do), but it can be SO rewarding for teachers and a win-win for them and for your business… because let’s face it, most teachers would like to earn more income during daytime hours!

There’s several ingredients which need to mix together in order to create success with this age: some added by the teacher, some by the dance school owner.

During this webinar, Fiona will run through each of these ingredients with you and give you action points so that you can immediately grow your dance school.

Spaces are limited – so book yours today!