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You don’t want extra paperwork or more hassle, you just need the right admin support. For over ten years, the LoveAdmin software has been helping people like you save time, grow revenue and move their organisation forward the way they want to. Now, we’ve made the platform even more powerful. For details about the revenue-generating benefits of LoveAdmin as well as our fee structure, see our Pricing page.

The LoveAdmin story

Our business was founded in 2009 by Dave Evans who, after sitting through years of tiresome committee meetings and handling sodden registration forms pitch-side in the pouring rain, saw there was a real need to modernise the way clubs manage their admin and payments.

And it wasn’t just clubs either. Membership organisations, fitness instructors, event organisers, class and course facilitators – they all face the same struggle.

So LoveAdmin set about helping everyone use the latest admin technology to work smarter, generate more revenue and attract more members and customers.

Today, 1000s of people all over the UK use LoveAdmin to move their organisation forward.

‘Working together to help your clients grow’ is at the core of everything we do at LoveAdmin.

By working together, we can achieve far more than we can alone so we help each other thrive.

We love helping people. It’s what makes us tick. Our ‘make it happen’ attitude underpins everything we do.

Our curious and inquisitive nature, and passion for progress, drives our ambition for growth and innovation.

Meet the LoveAdmin Team

Dave Evans

Dave Evans


Amir Razavi

Head of Customer Success

Jon Godby

Finance Director

Lee Reeves

Learning & Development Manager

Gareth Mace

Product Manager

Liam Farthing

Customer Support Specialist

Anya Pakhomoff

Customer Support Specialist

Sasha Palethorpe

Product Specialist

Lauren Griffin

Product Specialist

Michael McCausland

Sales Consultant

Kevin Miller

Sales Consultant

James Dall

Digital Marketing Manager

Tim Hancock

IT Director

Alex Row

Gymnastics Community Ambassador
Wayne Harvey - LoveFootball Community Ambassador

Wayne Harvey

Football Community Ambassador
Clive Marquis

Clive Marquis

Swimming Community Ambassador
Emily Redding Dance Ambassador

Emily Redding

Dance Community Ambassador
Josie Cherry

Josie Cherry

Design / Administrator
Lauren Benham

Lauren Benham

Content Marketing Executive
Alex Kirby

Alex Kirby

Product Specialist
Vincent Earl

Vincent Earl

Customer Support Manager

Leo Robertson

Product Specialist

Jess Melville

Customer Support Specialist

Dean Rahaman

Sales Consultant

Penny Killick

Sales and Marketing Administrator

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