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Move your classes or courses forward with easy-to-use software from LoveAdmin. We’re already helping thousands of owners, managers and administrators like you take their organisation to the next level – for FREE.

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We help so many different organisations such as…

Gymnastics clubs
Swim schools
Dance schools
Cookery schools
Educational courses
Recreational courses
After School Clubs
Online courses

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FREE Basic Package

Our Basic Package is absolutely free and has been designed to help you run and manage all your key tasks much more easily.

Increase and protect income

Discover opportunities to increase income from new and existing customers with our business intelligence reports. From profitability insights to customers at risk of disengaging, LoveAdmin can help you cut through the data to keep the money coming in.

Everything you need in one place

We’ve put everything you need to run your classes or courses in one secure online place. Tailor the system to suit the way you work. And, if you need to quickly adapt it, the system can easily support you.

Make it easy for customers

Now your customers can manage their data and make payments to you quicker and easier than ever before. And have the power to make changes when they need to.

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There are so many ways LoveAdmin can help you with your admin. To explain everything in more detail, we’ve created some free handy guides for you to download.

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Discover more ways to reduce admin, grow your customer base and increase revenue.

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