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360air Trampoline and Gymnastics Club

Founded in 2007, 360air is an all-inclusive recreational non-profit trampoline and gymnastics club.

Their key aim is to provide a “safe, effective and child-friendly environment in which members can participate under the guidance of appropriately qualified coaches.” And, living up to their ethos of inclusion, anyone is welcome – regardless of their ability.

360air offers a range of classes catering to beginner, development and competition standards, and even put on classes for parents who fancy giving it a go too!

With such a wide range of classes which, of course, were incredibly popular, 360air soon found their admin was too much. Fortunately, LoveAdmin was able to help.

The Challenge

360air’s way of managing admin and collecting payments soon became ineffective and laborious. Club Officials were relied upon to collect fees mostly by hand, relay communications to their members and deal with any new applications manually.

Ruth Illingworth of 360air said: “Keeping on top of admin was a big problem for us – especially taking payments. People would pay at different times, different amounts, not understanding what was owed or when they needed to pay it, or simply wouldn’t pay at all. It was just chasing all the time. We tried taking payments half-termly and even in the fourth week of six I was still chasing people and it soon became awkward.”

Reliable payment, of course, is necessary for smooth operation, and 360air soon realised their current processes were inadequate and identified key areas which required immediate improvement.

“Previously, all registration forms were stored in a filing cabinet in the office and I also carried for medical and emergency contact details a big file which I carried with me everywhere. It was horrific.”

To compound these issues, by using paper renewal forms, safeguarding their members’ information could be compromised or entered incorrectly which after the implementation of the GDPR they could no longer afford.

In the face of these challenges, 360air began looking for a solution that could support their needs more effectively.

The Solution

360air wanted to find a software solution that would modernise and improve the way they managed their membership.

Key to their choice was the need to reduce administration time and improve their payment collection.

LoveAdmin’s 'real time' payment reports helped 360air keep track of every penny paid and owed and as payments came in online, the system would reconcile the payment automatically saving them time.

When it came to keeping on top of debtors, they could quickly see who was yet to pay and send reminders direct from their payment reports without the need to do the chasing themselves, saving hours of time.

LoveAdmin also provides members with their own online account where they can keep their information up-to-date first-hand. The process of the parent logging in and checking that their child’s information is up-to-date increases the likelihood of the information being accurate which aids GDPR compliance.

And, because fields on the registration form can be made mandatory for completion, vital information like medical conditions, declarations and emergency contact information are now collected in full, improving the safeguards for players and 360air themselves. Even better, any medical information or emergency contact details which are collected can be accessed via our app meaning Ruth no longer needs to carry her big file!

The Results

360air Trampoline and Gymnastics Club have seen great results since switching to LoveAdmin’s gymnastics club management software. They have increased their payment collection by 10% and not only do they now collect more payments, but they also collect it 4x faster, drastically increasing the club’s cash flow. If that wasn’t good enough, they have also reduced their time spent on admin by 50% allowing them to spend time doing the things they love – like teaching children trampolining and gymnastics!

Here at LoveAdmin, we consider ourselves experts, and this is reflected in the feedback we get from our clients. Ruth also commented, “In the time we have used LoveAdmin we have seen a noticeable reduction in time spent checking and chasing fees. Our customers prefer the ease of direct debit and the system enables us to be more accurate, communicate better and operate more professionally. LoveAdmin will be an invaluable tool for the future!”

Another success for the LoveAdmin team.

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