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Burnley in the Community


Burnley FC in the Community, the award-winning official charity of Burnley Football Club, is all about using the magic of sport to make life better. Their expert team, filled with passion and drive, heads up more than 50 community projects.

The charity’s efforts are channelled into three key areas: Football, Sport and Education, Welfare and Inclusion and Community Facilities. They’re tackling everything from mental health to youth violence, cancer rehab, food poverty – you name it!

We spoke to Chanelle McManus, Sport Development Manager at Burnley FC in the Community about the challenges they were having before LoveAdmin, and how we were the game-changer they needed to help them tackle their admin troubles.

Our previous system was not user-friendly for either myself setting up the booking links, or our customer who were having lots of issues. Now my admin has reduced, which is a positive because I can focus on other things.

Chanelle McManus, Burnley FC in the Community

Burnley in the Community

The challenge

In 2023, Burnley FC in the Community’s success was growing, thanks to their promotion back to the Premier League. But with this boost came a growing pile of admin. They needed to find management software that could keep pace with their ever-expanding offerings and help their administration team work more efficiently.

Burnley FC in the Community wasn’t just about football anymore. They were branching out, offering everything from netball and cricket to walking football for seniors. This expansion meant a diverse range of products for their local community and an even bigger admin load.

Their hunt for an admin solution had to tick all boxes. It needed to be flexible and scalable, satisfying everyone from coaches to CEO and trustees.

Chanelle says “Our earlier system was just not user-friendly for both our customers and myself. I was spending a lot of my time manually fixing their issues rather than the system doing it for us.”

In February 2023, they discovered LoveAdmin’s community trust management software, and it changed the game. Our software helps foundations like Burnley FC in the Community to engage with their members, collect payments easily and make communication simple.

Since moving over to LoveAdmin our parents and customers have a much better experience with the system. This makes my life easier as I don’t have as many issues to solve day-to-day.

Chanelle McManus, Burnley FC in the Community

Solution & results

Get enhanced member communication with LoveAdmin

Improved member data and comms

Burnley FC in the Community use the Contact CRM to keep all member information securely in one place, and from there send emails to individuals or in bulk to groups they’ve created. From club updates to event specific news, communication is made easy.

Increased club revenue

Better member experience

Thanks to their own online branded shop, parents and members can easily sign up for sessions, camps, events, and even buy merch without the need of help from Burnley FC in the Community – resulting in much happier members.

A system with room for your organisation to grow

Streamlined administration

The Burnley FC in the Community team no longer needs to spend hours manually doing admin tasks. Our system can pull information for everyone whether you’re a coach on the sidelines to a senior manager needing real-time detailed financial information.

Easily collect payments

Successful events and camps

From holiday camps to weekly football and netball sessions, the LoveAdmin system allows the Burnley FC in the Community team to promote and organise events in one place, helping to boost revenue for the charity.

See how it works
The customer service has been amazing. Whenever I’ve needed help the LoveAdmin team have been fantastic. When I’ve said I’ve got a deadline at the end of the week they’ve been there for me and made it a priority. So, in terms of making my life easier, that’s been a massive help.

Chanelle McManus, Burnley FC in the Community

Why LoveAdmin?

An extension of their team

At LoveAdmin, we know that teamwork leads to success. When Burnley FC in the Community joined us, our team worked as part of theirs, using our knowledge and experience to help them reach their charitable goals.

Leading built-in communications

Our platform provides leading communication features, that allowed Burnley FC in the Community to communicate more efficiently and ultimately keep members happy, and parents engaged with their latest news and events.

Boosting revenue streams

With our software set up and strategic support, Burnley FC in the Community were able to collect payments more efficiently and use new revenue streams like camps and events to boost their revenue.

Working with Sports Foundations and Community Trusts

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