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Dance Club Management Software

Founded by dance teacher Chloe Simmons, Do4Kidz Danceworks runs classes across West Kent and East Sussex.

"I run fun freestyle after school dance clubs for children in primary schools. I have been established since 2005, meaning we are now in our 17th year of business!" says Chloe.

Do4Kidz Danceworks' aim is for children to express themselves in a fun and relaxed environment, so they can build their confidence and coordination.

The Challenge - Before LoveAdmin

As Chloe's business grew, so did Do4Kidz Danceworks' admin. Paper forms meant keeping on top of classes and payments was a huge struggle.

Chloe says: "I was being snowed under with registers, enrolment forms and chasing for payments. Sometimes being owed over £1,000."

The Solution - After LoveAdmin

In 2017, Do4Kidz Danceworks looked for a solution to its admin woes. The school found LoveAdmin's dance school management software, and hasn't looked back.

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Offline forms and complicated spreadsheets are a thing of the past, with the club's class and member information now in one, secure online place.

And Chloe no longer has to manually chase down payments, with the LoveAdmin system doing the hard work for her thanks to its automated processes.

The Results

With LoveAdmin by her side, Chloe can now spend more time doing what she loves: teaching dance!

She explains: "I would say that my admin has reduced by a good 80%, freeing up my time to either do more classes or things I would never have time for pre-LoveAdmin."

Chloe is also grateful that it is so easy to get hold of LoveAdmin's customer support team, who are just a phone call away should she have any questions.

Chloe adds: "I love the fact that I can pick up the phone and instantly talk to a human being (without being put on hold for 20 minutes). They guide me through any hiccups that I am having with the system, which is usually user error, and the staff are very patient and helpful!"

If, like Do4Kidz Danceworks and Chloe, you'd like to reduce your admin, then get a FREE demo of the LoveAdmin system.