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Eagle Gymnastics Academy was formed by Hazel Watt, an ex-squad gymnast. Her team have created a family friendly feel to their club, and an atmosphere that promotes having fun while also being disciplined.

Eagle Gymnastics Academy follows the ‘gymnastics for all’ discipline created by British Gymnastics. This is the idea that gymnastics is a sport for everybody.

To achieve this, Eagle Gymnastics Academy welcomes all genders, age groups and abilities. Their motto is ‘Gymnastics is for all ages, as soon as you can walk, you can join the fun.’

It’s important to me that I can message parents and know they received any comms I have sent. I would also like to use videos and images in messaging. This isn’t possible using my previous software.

Hazel Watt, Eagle Gymnastics Academy

Eagle Gymnastics Academy with LoveAdmin membership and class management software

The challenge

Hazel was frustrated. She felt limited by her admin software, Class For Kids, which as well as being costly, didn’t have the communication management she wanted.

Hazel was also tired with the speed of payments hitting her bank account. Eagle Gymnastics Academy needed a same-day solution to the way their payments are collected and processed.

In 2023, Eagle Gymnastics Academy partnered with LoveAdmin and the rest was history. Our gymnastics club software was able to help Hazel get paid the same day and communicate more efficiently with her members.

Hazel says, “I really like that you can bill people and start the payment process the same day rather than waiting till the beginning of the following month”.

For someone like me who is not into technology, the system has been simple to navigate, LoveAdmin has been brilliant. I love so many of their features, in particular the email templates as it saves time and makes my life so much easier. I’m happy I made the change.

Hazel Watt, Eagle Gymnastics Academy

Solution & results

Get enhanced member communication with LoveAdmin

Improved member data and comms

Hazel and her team can create branded email and SMS messages with picture and video content to engage their parents. The reporting feature means Hazel can easily see what has or hasn’t been delivered or read by her members.

Better content management

Stellar customer support

Hazel needed a software solution that was easy to set up and use. Once she started working with us, she was supported by the customer support and success team to reach her goals.

A system with room for your organisation to grow

Optimised payment management

One of Hazel’s favourite features is the ability to receive money from members the same day she has billed them, without having to wait. By automating Eagle Gymnastics Academy recurring payments, Hazel gets paid quicker, and her admin is minimised.

Increased club revenue

Cost-effective software

Thanks to LoveAdmin, Hazel no longer has to pay a monthly cost, just a simple set up fee to get the ball rolling. By switching, Eagle Gymnastics Academy have been able to reduce their overheads.

See how it works
One of the things I really like is that I can bill people and start the payment process the same day, instead of having to wait until the beginning of the following month.

Hazel Watt, Eagle Gymnastics Academy

Why LoveAdmin?

An extension of their team

When Eagle Gymnastics Academy joined us, our team used their in-depth knowledge and experience to help them achieve success. Throughout this journey, Eagle Gymnastics Academy were helped by our support team at every turn, ensuring they could use the system with confidence and ease.

Leading built-in communications

Communication features within the LoveAdmin platform allowed Eagle Gymnastics Academy to communicate creatively using templates, images, videos and more. This helped to increase engagement and build trust with parents.

Efficient payment collection

With LoveAdmin, Eagle Gymnastics Academy were able to make payments more efficient. This included adding automatic collection to the payment process. This reduced admin, freeing up their time to focus on other important activities.