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Eaglescliffe Case Study


Eaglescliffe Elementis JFC is a family friendly grassroots junior football club, with over 30 teams and 430 players. Founded in 2001, they have played a vital role in the community encouraging children between the ages of 6-18 to fall in love with the sport.

We spoke to James Robson, Vice-Chairman, Girls Development and Team Manager, about the challenges Eaglescliffe Elementis JFC had before using LoveAdmin, and how LoveAdmin’s football club management software has helped their club.

We previously managed our player subscriptions via Standing Order which was difficult to track. Now we can easily see each of our players’ accounts to see how up to date they are with their payments and control our cashflow better with LoveAdmin.

James Robson, Vice-Chairman

Football club management software

The challenge

As Eaglescliffe Elementis JFC grew, it became harder for them to handle their admin tasks. They used standing orders and spreadsheets to manage player subscriptions, but this made it difficult to keep track of who had paid and who hadn’t.

Plus, they needed to streamline how they communicate with their 430 players. Manually sending out emails, not only was time-consuming but also could lead to data security issues.

In June 2022, Eaglescliffe Elementis JFC decided it was time they needed help and discovered LoveAdmin’s football club management software. Our system streamlines and handles their online registrations, payments and stores all their players’ information in one place making it easy for them to send comms and keep track of payments.

LoveAdmin allowed us to move away from spreadsheets and manual communication.

James Robson, Vice-Chairman

Solution & results

Get enhanced member communication with LoveAdmin

Easy player communication

With our CRM, Eaglescliffe Elementis JFC can now connect with players seamlessly. Players can update their own details and the club can keep track of communication history at the click of a button.

Reduce time spent on admin

Improved player
sign up

We’ve transformed the registration process for Eaglescliffe Elementis JFC, making it a breeze for new members to join – helping to contribute to a 14% growth in revenue. 

Increased club revenue

Better club

Switching from standing orders to direct debit has meant that players can no longer avoid paying subs and the club has better control of their cashflow.

Easily collect payments

Simplified sub collection

Our streamlined checkout system has made fee management easy, cutting the need for standing orders and manual reconciliation.

See how it works
The very nature of managed direct debits make handling our subscriptions much easier.

James Robson, Vice-Chairman

Why LoveAdmin?

An extension of their team

When Eaglescliffe Elementis JFC teamed up with us, they didn’t just gain a software provider, they gained teammates. We’re more than an extension – we’re a part of their team, committed to making things run smoothly.

Leading communication features

Our platform leads the way with member communication, allowing Eaglescliffe Elementis JFC team to create different groups of members to proactively send emails to. They were able to increase their communication reach and engage members with more relevant and prompt messages.

Collect all types of revenue

With our software set up and support, Eaglescliffe Elementis JFC were able to collect fees more efficiently. This not only freed up their time to focus on the business but gave a boost to their revenue.