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Elm Park Lawn Tennis Club (EPLTC) is located in Elm Park, Essex. Linda Baptiste, Club and Match Secretary, says: “We are a local tennis club with two courts. EPLTC currently has around 60 junior members and 30 full members.”

EPLTC can trace its roots back to when the Whybridge Farm Estate was built over 80 years ago. Now in its 88th year, the club has survived the test of time, becoming a major part of the local community.

Although these days the club may look different, the founding values and passion remain.

The club benefits from two floodlit courts that are maintained by volunteers throughout the year. The clubhouse helps to provide a social hub for not only club members but others in the local area too.

EPLTC is passionate about encouraging residents to play the sport as well as inspiring the next generation. Catering for all abilities and standards, EPLTC helps to make tennis inclusive, fun and engaging.

Whether players are looking to join a league team, take part in social tennis sessions or improve their skills with a coach, there is a wide range of sessions available.

The Challenge - Before LoveAdmin

As EPLTC continued to develop, it faced new challenges with its admin. Volunteers found they were spending more and more time managing the day-to-day admin of the club.

As with most traditional tennis clubs, memberships were handled manually via paper forms. These time-consuming offline admin methods were leading to several issues, including data being inaccurate.

The club was reliant on coaches and club volunteers to manage memberships, court fees and to keep track of court and session bookings.

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The Solution - After LoveAdmin

It was vital for EPLTC to find an admin solution that not only meant that paperwork was a thing of the past, but could be used by volunteers as well. In August 2020, they decided on LoveAdmin.

The LoveAdmin software gives tennis clubs a hassle-free way to manage their memberships, session bookings and keep track of payments.

You can easily pre-authorise payments for regular monthly coaching sessions. This means that money is automatically collected at the time it is requested, so no manually chasing fees!

The system also allows members to quickly and easily create their own online account, update personal information, sign up for coaching sessions and make payments. Not to mention it is completely secure and helps to aid GDPR compliance.

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The Results

Since joining LoveAdmin, EPLTC has seen a 40% reduction in admin. This has meant that volunteers and club officials are now able to spend more time doing what they love: playing and coaching tennis!

By updating the admin process, the club has been able to not only save valuable time but also streamline the membership journey.

Linda says: “My favourite part of the LoveAdmin service is that you can always reach out and get help from one of the team."

From the beginning of the onboarding process to five-star support, clubs are given the tools they need to continue to grow and thrive.

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