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Bogged Down by Paperwork

Evoke Gymnastics was established in 2019 in Swindon, Wiltshire, and offers acrobatic and rhythmic gymnastics classes at both recreational and competition levels.

The club is led by two ex-international gymnasts – Nikita Sukhanov, a World Champion in acrobatic gymnastics, and Rebecca, a British and Commonwealth Games champion in rhythmic gymnastics. The duo has also performed all over the world with the prestigious ‘Cirque du Soleil’.

Nikita, Director and Head of Acro at Evoke Gymnastics, says: "At Evoke we want everyone to feel welcome and like they’ve come home. We aim to promote an environment in which everyone feels valued and empowered.

"We strive to provide the highest quality training, promoting effort, dedication and perseverance so that every child can reach their full potential. We understand that if children are enjoying themselves they are more likely to reach their goals, so fun is an important part of any training, as is working hard!"

Nikita adds: "Evoke has been brought into existence with the incredible support and effort of its existing competition squad and their families – and, although still in its infancy, Evoke has big dreams and ambitions. We are striving to be able to offer hundreds more children a wonderful experience in our unique recreational programme. We are also working hard towards preparing our competition squads to compete amongst other top clubs/gymnasts in the country."

The Challenge - Before LoveAdmin

Evoke Gymnastics found themselves in a situation so many gymnastics clubs find themselves in: being bogged down by spreadsheets and paperwork.

Without a software solution in place, the club was wasting valuable time managing its members manually.

Nikita explains: "Before joining LoveAdmin we had a lot of paperwork requiring a lot of time. We had numerous spreadsheets to try and track the new starters, payments and waiting lists for our gymnastics club as well as chasing payments."

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The Solution - After LoveAdmin

So, the club turned to LoveAdmin's class management software. With all of their information in one, secure place, Evoke Gymnastics could begin to focus on what they do best: training their gymnasts!

Backed by five-star customer support, the LoveAdmin system has been built to ensure it is easy to onboard new members, collect payments, and automate waiting lists.

The Results

Nikita has been delighted with the results, adding: "With LoveAdmin, we reduced our admin by at least 50%. It's enabled us to spend more time tightening up all our admin procedures and deliver a much more professional service to our customers."

Asked about his favourite features of the LoveAdmin system, Nikita says: "Some of our favourite parts of the LoveAdmin software are the linking up of information, being able to email groups by class, and printing certificates for our custom Award programme is a huge help. Also having the option of viewing and printing reports is a great tool to have."

If, like Nikita at Evoke Gymnastics, you'd like to automate processes at your gymnastics club so you can save time on your admin, get your FREE demo of LoveAdmin today.