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Garioch Gymnastics Club


Garioch Gymnastics Club is one of the most successful clubs in Scotland, with almost 900 members. For over 35 years, the Garioch team have been providing inclusive gymnastic classes for all – from beginners to international levels.

We spoke to Janine Robertson, Club Manager and High-Performance Coach, about the challenges her team faced before using LoveAdmin and how we’ve helped the club overcome them.

We moved into our own facility just over two years ago and have expanded quite rapidly since.

Janine Robertson, Garioch Gymnastics Club

Garioch Gymnastics Club

The challenge

In October 2020, Garioch Gymnastics Club found LoveAdmin and the rest was history. After a period of rapid growth, they realised they had outgrown their existing management system and needed a solution that was flexible and scalable.

Janine and her team were spending an increasing amount of time managing their admin, from manually chasing payments and running multiple systems. That’s where our gymnastics club management software steps in, streamlining admin processes, from handling overdue payments to engaging branded communications for parents, and so much more.

We were using paper forms to add children to our waiting lists and fill up classes, which was both time consuming and risked us losing information.

Janine Robertson, Garioch Gymnastics Club

Solution & results

Get enhanced member communication with LoveAdmin

Secure customer management

Garioch Gymnastics Club are able to manage member information all-in-one place, thanks to our Contact CRM. The team now spend less time doing admin and more time improving their member experience.

Reduce time spent on admin

Reduced time spent on admin

Thanks to our gymnastics management software, Garioch were able to streamline their admin processes by 40%. With this extra time, they were able to focus on improving internal processes.

A system with room for your organisation to grow

Streamlined booking process

Due to Garioch Gymnastics Club improving communication with members and decreasing their paper trail, new members can register their interest easily, allowing class numbers to be maximised.

Easily collect payments


By using the automatic invoice and pre-authorise payment features on LoveAdmin, the Garioch Gymnastics Club have simplified their audit trail and debt management.

See how it works
We have been able to maximise the numbers in our class, increasing revenue. This combined with the streamlined invoice system has meant we can deliver an unbeatable service for our members.

Janine Robertson, Garioch Gymnastics Club

Why LoveAdmin?

An extension of their team

At LoveAdmin, we know that teamwork leads to success. When Garioch Gymnastics Club joined us, our team worked as part of theirs, using our knowledge and experience in the gymnastics sector to help them reach their goals.

Improved member communication

Our platform is great for member communication. It enabled Garioch Gymnastics Club to hand over account management to parents/carers, saving valuable time and making onboarding new club members easy.

Collect all types of revenue

With our software set up and support, Garioch Gymnastics Club were able to invoice efficiently including adding automation to further invoicing. They were also able to pre-authorise payments which made audit trails and debt management simpler.