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Residents Association membership management

Hornchurch Residents' Association is a ‘non-political’ political party that's the main opposition to the incumbent party (Conservative) at Havering Council, London.

Councillor Paul Middleton explains; "We are lucky in Havering, many of the electorate understand that the politics should be left in parliament. They want/need local people in charge who have the area’s best interest to heart and who aren't being led by a much larger group who may or may not care about the area.

"There are only a few seats' difference between the current incumbent party and the independents. This we hope to address at the next local elections in May 2022."

The association has been around since the 1930s. The ethos is to serve the community and not for personal gain. "Local people who know about the local issues and are willing to work hard to get the best outcome," says Paul.

The Challenge - Before LoveAdmin

Hornchurch Residents' Association produces a monthly not-for-profit magazine, which it distributes to around 9,000 of its members.

The £4 cost of the magazine covers the printing. Collecting this subscription fee proved hugely time-consuming for the association, particularly as it grew in size.

The Solution - After LoveAdmin

Paul explains that the party turned to LoveAdmin's easy-to-use membership management software in order to automate their admin.

He says; "We have managed to sign up roughly a quarter of our members to pay by LoveAdmin. This has reduced the number of doors we were knocking on to collect the fees by a huge amount.

"Not everyone is young and/or tech savvy, not all members will sign up, but having a simple way to collect the funds electronically has been a huge gain for us.

"The administrator has to deal with many enquiries where members have issues. However, this has released many others from the team to concentrate on local issues."

The Results

Thanks to the powerful reporting functionality of the LoveAdmin software, as well as the in-built communication tools that drive member engagement, the team at the Hornchurch Residents' Association spend less time on admin and more time on meaningful work.

"It is easy to run reports and send out reminders to the members," Paul says. "We were also able to keep the signed-up members informed of major issues in the area via email during the COVID 19 lockdown. The usual magazine was put on hold for a month due to the lockdown – we simply could not get it delivered by our loyal army of volunteer deliverers."

Paul is also grateful for the support provided by the LoveAdmin team, who are on hand by phone or email should administrators have any questions about the software.

"The guys at LoveAdmin have seen what works and what does not work," Paul adds. "Come to the table with your ideas, listen to the team and let them guide you on what will be best practice. Ask questions – they are quick and helpful."

If, like Paul and the Hornchurch Residents' Association, you'd like to automate your admin so you can focus on higher-value tasks, sign up for a FREE LoveAdmin demo today.