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Imagine That Performing Arts has been running since 2014 and offers quality and affordable performing arts classes for young people in Airdrie, close to Glasgow in Scotland.

It provides a range of classes in Acting, Singing and Musical Theatre for children and young people between aged 5–18. In 2020, the organisation opened its own studio space in the heart of the local community.

Company director Aidan Miller says: "We strongly believe that youth theatre should not be bad theatre and we want our young people to have the opportunities to perform in quality productions that they can feel proud of."

The Challenge - Before LoveAdmin

Administration, such as emailing and fee payments, had been challenging. At one point, Imagine That Performing Arts had to manually ensure fees were up to date for 60 students.

"We took cash payments from parents as well as bank transfer. Keeping up to date with the multiple modes of payment for the number of children took up a lot of time," says Aidan.

"At the time of looking into an admin system, we were also planning to rent our own studio space with the idea of introducing additional classes, so we felt that getting an admin system in place was going to be useful for us."

The Solution - After LoveAdmin

Using LoveAdmin means all the processes are now done automatically, which has freed up staff time to do what they enjoy most; teaching the children and young people.

Functionality like email management also proved incredibly useful during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aidan explains: "At the beginning of 2021, all of our classes were conducted via Zoom and the LoveAdmin system was so useful as we could schedule all our Zoom emails, meaning that none were ever missed.

"We have really loved the email service provided through the LoveAdmin performing arts school software. It has meant that we can see at a glance who has read emails so parents can no longer say they haven't received an email. The software also allows us to schedule emails to be sent when we want."

The Results

Income for Imagine That Performing Arts has increased after introducing LoveAdmin – the team now feel confident with having additional classes, and they can see at a glance any outstanding payments.

"The customer service team are also so helpful; we have had a few queries that we have asked them about and they have been really friendly and supportive," says Aidan.

"I would 100% recommend the LoveAdmin system; it has made our lives much easier with ensuring our fee payments are up to date for all our children and young people and the emailing system also helps us to make sure that no one is left out of important information."

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