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Grassroots Family-Orientated Football

Killingworth Young Peoples Club (KYPC) is a grassroots family-orientated football club based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. They provide children and young people with the opportunity to access their potential through the power of football.

KYPC was originally formed as Killingworth Boys Club in 1980 by Phil Gibson and the late Lil Gibson, and now has over 30 teams. To this day, Phil still plays a vital part in the day-to-day running of the club and remains a key member.

They provide the opportunity for all ages and abilities to develop their football and team-building skills. KYPC is also dedicated to providing a safe place for young people to learn and develop important life skills and values, such as respect for others and self-discipline.

The KYPC website states: "The club provides an opportunity for children of all abilities to enjoy an engaging, safe and welcoming environment as part of their first football experience via our popular Kickers Academy. Upon reaching the age of 6, children can progress into one of the club's mini-soccer teams, then into a junior team once they reach the age of 11. They also have the ability to eventually represent the club at a senior level once they are over the age of 18."

The Challenge - Before LoveAdmin

As KYPC grew in popularity they started to face new challenges. With over 30 teams to manage and players' subs to collect, admin quickly became a time-consuming issue.

Just like many other grassroots football clubs, KYPC predominately used offline administration methods.

Donna Rooke, Site Manager at KYPC, explained: "Everything was still being recorded by pen and paper." Not only was this method outdated and ineffective, but it also posed a variety of challenges, such as confidentiality and inaccuracy.

The club was heavily reliant on coaches to chase any late subs or fines, communicate with the teams and also onboard new players.

This soon became a process that needed to be improved and streamlined. So they started to look for a football club software that would not only support their admin needs but also help them easily manage their payment collection securely.

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The Solution - After LoveAdmin

Finding an admin solution was key to the success and growth of KYPC. And, in August 2021, they turn to LoveAdmin.

The software ensures football clubs like KYPC can easily collect their fees and subs. The hassle-free software also enables you to even pre-authorise payments for the entire football season, so that the money is collected automatically at the time it has been requested. Meaning no more late subs!

The LoveAdmin system has been built to make football clubs' lives easier. Members have their own online account which makes it quick and easy for them to update personal information without the need for club officials' input. The secure system not only helps to keep information up-to-date but it also aids GDPR compliance.

Fields on the registration form can be made mandatory on sign up, meaning that - with consent - coaches can have instant access to medical conditions, emergency contacts and much more.

The Results

KYPC has seen an impressive 80% reduction in admin since using LoveAdmin. This means they can now spend more time doing what they love: coaching football!

Since joining LoveAdmin, KYPC club officials and coaches have been able to save themselves valuable time by making their administration process simpler.

If you are in a similar position to Killingworth Young Peoples Club and would love to reduce your admin, then get a FREE demo of the LoveAdmin system.