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Lilypad Swim

Lilypad Swim is a swim school based in the small village of Thurlstone in South Yorkshire. From the exclusive Stonehill pool, they specialise in bespoke, adapted lessons for babies, toddlers, and children up to 8 years old.

Lilypad Swim was established in 2016 by Anna Bushell who wanted to offer small classes where activities were specifically tailored to the abilities of each child and were flexible for parents and carers too. The swim school recognise that children have unique needs and learn differently, so it’s important they develop at their own pace. Their classes are designed to be fun, interactive, and focus on the core skills of teaching water confidence, water safety, and the ability to swim. 

The challenge

Since 2016, Lilypad Swim has gone from strength to strength as their member base has grown. But this meant as the swim school was getting busier, the admin was piling up and getting out of hand. 

The team at Lilypad Swim used to rely on spreadsheets to store member information and Outlook emails to communicate with parents and carers. With this method, their main pain point was keeping track of payments. Each time a payment came through either via cash, cheque or bank transfer, this had to be marked off manually. And for fees that hadn’t been paid on time, the team had to chase these payments one by one via email. Followed by continuously checking their bank statements to see if they’ve received anything. 

This proved to be an inefficient and time-consuming way of managing their admin and was hindering them from focusing their efforts on the things that truly matter. That’s when they turned to LoveAdmin. 

The solution

LoveAdmin’s payment reports have helped Lilypad Swim easily keep track of what’s been paid and what hasn’t. As payments come in, the software reconciles them saving the team from doing the hard work themselves. Another advantage is the email payment reminders that are automatically sent out to those with overdue fees, so they no longer have to be sent manually.  

The swim school also makes good use of the group email too, particularly for sending out confirmations of new term times and other important announcements. Having emails tied into the same software helps to keep everything consolidated and it helps that the team can see who’s opened and read emails too.  

Additionally, the team has benefitted from: 

  • The ability to make quickly to member records on the go 
  • Easier and more straightforward re-bookings 
  • Using the attendance registers to quickly find available slots for lessons 

The result

Overall, LoveAdmin has made it easier for Lilypad Swim to see at a glance how well their swim school is doing as well as hugely simplifying their admin process. The numbers speak for themselves: 

  • The swim school is now almost ‘cashless’ and has seen an increase of £1,000 in revenue per annum as a result of better collection rates 
  • The team now do 70% less admin 
  • Parents and carers now pay 2x quicker than before 

Commenting on LoveAdmin, Founder and owner of Lilypad Swim, Anna Bushell says, “LoveAdmin has freed up my time to be able to concentrate on marketing the swim school and allowed me to recruit new teachers who have taken over my lessons so that I can manage the business properly. 

“We couldn’t manage without it now. The benefits of using LoveAdmin have been immeasurable!”  

Here at LoveAdmin, we consider ourselves experts in admin and this is reflected in the results we achieve with our clients. We can help you achieve the same results, if not better. Get in touch to find out more about how our swim school software can help