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Gymnastics Club Growth

Mourne Gymnastics Club is situated in Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland. Founded by Head Coach Nikki McAlinden 20 years ago at the foothills of the Mourne Mountains, 10 years later the club relocated to a full-time facility.

The club runs recreational and pre-school gymnastics classes, with a motto of 'Strive, Inspire, and Achieve – by trying your best!'

Mourne Gymnastics also plays a key role in the local community by providing coaching and career opportunities, as well as offering a leadership programme. "We are a club that firmly believes in development and making it fair for all," says Nikki.

The Challenge - Before LoveAdmin

Like many gymnastics club owners, Nikki was being overwhelmed by the number of manual tasks taking up her time, particularly as Mourne Gymnastics grew in popularity.

Nikki explains: "The challenge I faced as a club owner was the amount of time it took to produce registers, track information, receipt cash payments, and banking versus actual coaching time."

The Solution - After LoveAdmin

Mourne Gymnastics turned to LoveAdmin's easy-to-use membership management software to help automate the processes at the club, freeing up Nikki and her team to focus on what they do best.

Managing the day-to-day emails, classes, bookings, payment requests has been made so much easier because "...everything is accessible and in one place in the system," explains Nikki.

"From a financial point of view, the sheer simplicity of it makes things so much easier. Tracking finances and making reports is all done for you, and at just a click we can run a report, there are less trips to the bank and no cash handling."

LoveAdmin's friendly support team helped Mourne Gymnastics get set up, and they continue to be on hand by phone or email should Nikki have any questions about the system.

Nikki says: "I have made great communication buddies with quite a lot of the team members who have helped in the initial setting up stage. They are great at helping, and if there's a problem, often it gets fixed very quickly."

The Results

With member payments now automatically requested and processed by the LoveAdmin gymnastics club management software, Mourne Gymnastics has benefited from a reduction in admin and an increase in income.

"Admin has been reduced significantly, time has been saved and coaches can get back to what they do best – coach!" Nikki says.

"Income has definitely been increased prior to COVID. As Northern Ireland is the last to lift restrictions, we have had a slow restart but as the year progresses, we are getting back onto our feet.

"LoveAdmin has made this job so much easier, often the click of two buttons and job done! Can’t beat that."

If, like Nikki, you'd like to spend more time on what you enjoy and less on time-consuming admin, sign-up for a FREE LoveAdmin demo today!