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The Membership Solution for Large Organisations

The Red and White Army Supporters Group (RAWA) is an 11,000-strong group of fans who are passionate about League One side Sunderland. The organisation’s aim is to give Sunderland supporters a voice in club matters, as well as give back to the city’s local community.

Notably, in 2019 the organisation crowdfunded £10,000 and unveiled the Roker End flag display at the Stadium of Light. The initiative was designed to boost the atmosphere at a club, which has had its fair share of challenges in recent years – suffering relegation from the Premier League in 2017 and then the Championship the year after.

In April 2021, RAWA launched Sunderland’s first Supporters’ Trust. The move to a Trust gives the members a louder and more recognised voice when championing for change and raising awareness for issues impacting the club and its community.

The Challenge - Before LoveAdmin

To join the Trust members are asked to pay a small annual subscription fee, starting at £5. Jamie Bogle, Treasurer of the organisation, recognised that they would need a software solution to handle the receipt and processing of fees.

Jamie explains: “I went out and did some due diligence and looked at probably 10 possible software solutions, of which LoveAdmin was one. The big differentiator, bearing in mind we were a membership organisation, was the cost – some of them are phenomenally expensive.

“The pricing model was where LoveAdmin won absolutely hands down. The fact that it’s a pay as you earn really suits our membership organisation and subscriptions.”

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The Solution - After LoveAdmin

While the Trust continues to grow in size, LoveAdmin’s automated processes mean Jamie’s workload remains minimal. Should he need any support, however, the LoveAdmin team are just a phone call or email away.

“Whenever I email or phone, the team have been just brilliant,” Jamie says. “The support is really good. You feel like you really get to know the people on the end of the phone.”

The Result

Jamie admits he could not do without LoveAdmin’s software. “It would be a nightmare to handle the memberships without it,” he says. “It would be impossible.”

Members joining the Trust can pay by card or direct debit, and the system automatically reconciles the payments for Jamie. When it comes to renewals, Jamie can sit back and relax knowing that the software will automate the process for him.

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