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Increase in members in first year of working with LoveAdmin



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Increase in revenue in the first year of joining LoveAdmin

Membership Management Software for Show Choir UK


The UK’s number one show choir, appropriately named Show Choir, have hundreds of members within multiple groups across the UK. They offer singing holidays as well as online or face-to-face vocal coaching workshops for anyone looking to improve their pitch. They say, “All you need to bring is a love of singing and a passion for musical theatre, and we’ll provide the rest!”.

We talked to Douglas Watts, Conductor, Musical Director & Arranger, about why he decided to go from singing solo to part of an efficient admin chorus with LoveAdmin.

There’s absolutely no way our business could have grown without a CRM like LoveAdmin. I’d recommend LoveAdmin to other small businesses looking to streamline their admin processes.

Douglas Watts, Show Choir

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UK Show CHoir use LoveAdmin Membership Management Software

The challenge

Douglas had a problem. Show Choir had a lot of members, and he was struggling to manage them all. On top of this, he wanted to expand by adding new locations and choirs, but without the time to organise this, that was impossible.

Luckily for Douglas, LoveAdmin was waiting in the wings with membership management software that could solve all his issues. With a streamlined admin set up, Douglas has been able to focus on what he cares about, growing the organisation.

We have so many clients that we couldn’t keep track of membership payments and communications.

Douglas Watts, Show Choir

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Solution & results

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Industry leading comms

Using LoveAdmin comms, Show Choir send ad hoc or automated emails to their members. They completely customise their emails, which has helped them to achieve an impressive 87% engagement rate.

A system with room for your organisation to grow

Strategic business coaching

Show Choir worked in harmony with our Strategic Business Support Manager to streamline their operations and maximise their growth. Together they set achievable goals for the future – which have contributed to their 54% increase in revenue.

Easily collect payments

Streamlined payment options

With LoveAdmin, Show Choir have been able to automate most of their member management including their payments. They also switched to monthly billing which has helped to bring a regular income coming in.

Reduce time spent on admin

Reduced administration time

Now that Show Choir’s admin had been reduced, developing the business could take centre stage. This led to a 99% increase in members and the addition of more choirs to the Show Choir family.

We’re spending much less time doing admin. Moving to a monthly payment model provided in the shop has made things much easier.

Douglas Watts, Show Choir

Why LoveAdmin?

An extension of their team

At LoveAdmin, we know that teamwork leads to success. When Show Choir joined us, our team worked as part of theirs, using our knowledge and experience to help them reach their goals.

Outstanding built-in communications

Our leading communication features stood out to Show Choir. They’ve allowed them to communicate more efficiently and ultimately keep members happy and engaged with their latest news and events.

More time to focus on growth

With our software set up and strategic support, Show Choir have been able to benefit from our expertise and as a result have become much more efficient. This meant that they had more time to do other things like expand the business.