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Increase in students within one year of joining LoveAdmin

Swim School UK working with LoveAdmin


Lee Read from Swim School UK in Kendal has been making waves in the swim sector for over 30 years. They’ve helped 1,000’s of students of all abilities learn to swim. From taking their first strokes in the water to more advanced techniques, Swim School UK cater to all ages and levels.

As a business, we were growing rapidly, and struggling to keep up with admin and payments. We knew if we wanted to continue to grow and expand, we would need to implement a new system.

Lee Read, Swim School UK

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Swim School UK

The challenge

Swim School UK were growing and so was their admin. Lee wanted his business to continue this way but knew that unless he fixed these issues, that wouldn’t be possible.

That’s when he found our swim school management software and the rest was history. With a structured yet flexible system, Swim School UK was able to streamline tasks like payments, so that they could focus on expanding their business.

Lee explains: “The biggest benefit since working with LoveAdmin has been the invaluable support and time they’ve given us. It’s allowed us to focus on growing the business. We’ve been able to cut down on admin time and fit in more teaching time which has led to an increase in revenue.”

He was also set up with our Strategic Business Manager, James Brooker, who worked with Lee on how to grow the business sustainably.

James says of the benefits he’s seen: “One of the main benefits that we were able to establish is giving Swim School UK more time to work on building structured growth plans.”

Lee Read, Swim School UK

Solution & results

Get enhanced member communication with LoveAdmin

Improved member management

With 177 classes a week and 500 swimmers, Lee has found using LoveAdmin to manage customers invaluable. He’s also used the system to send emails to members, achieving an average engagement rate of 83%

Increased club revenue

Achieved Business growth goals

Using the advice from the LoveAdmin team and support from the system, Swim School UK grew by 150% in just one year. Lee has also been able to set up a 12-month plan, so his business continues to develop

Reduce time spent on admin

Optimised admin operations

With everything all in one place, Swim School UK could automate a lot of their admin processes. This freed up their time to work on other things like exploring new avenues to take their business

A system with room for your organisation to grow

Strategic business support

Swim School UK took advantage of one of LoveAdmin’s unique benefits – Strategic Business Support. With these insights, they were able to upgrade overall processes and develop goals to improve the business

Lee Read, Swim School UK

Why LoveAdmin?

An extension of their team

At LoveAdmin, we know that teamwork leads to success. When Swim School UK joined us, our team worked as part of theirs, using our knowledge and experience to help them reach their business goals

Efficient payment collection

With our software set up and strategic support, Swim School UK were able to collect payments more efficiently and use the extra time to develop plans for the future, likes offering a scuba diving training programme to boost revenue

Leading communication tools

Our platform leads the way with industry-leading communication tools, allowing Swim School UK to proactively send emails to specific classes or groups of students to help drive engagement