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Nin Kyle opened Swimplicity in Stratford-upon-Avon in 2017 after gaining extensive experience running a swim school in South Africa. After a rollercoaster few years, Swimplicity now has three pools and its classes are in high demand.

“I started with one class in one pool - by the end of first term, I was running two pools with 20 classes that were full!” Since then, Nin's had to cope with pools closing down, reopening, closing down again, and then a pandemic.

Amid those challenges, Nin says that LoveAdmin's easy-to-use software has been invaluable.

The challenge - before LoveAdmin

Nin decided to implement LoveAdmin at Swimplicity from day one of opening the business, having experienced the agony of spreadsheets when working in South Africa.

Nin explains: "I had so many late nights, sifting through bank statements, trying to see who had paid, chasing up payments. Even registering... I used to do it on paper, and then have to type it up.

I was running a swim school but I was also a data capturer. I was just constantly entering data into Excel and juggling what felt like five million different spreadsheets, between the finances, the timetables, the enquiries and registrations. There was no congruency whatsoever, and I was working really hard and long hours."

The solution - after LoveAdmin

Now, Nin can focus on what she does best: running Swimplicity and being in the pool. "It doesn’t feel like the my admin is a headache any more," Nin says.

"You’ve seen my excitement about the new version of the LoveAdmin software – if I thought the admin side of my business would ever excite me, I’d have thought I was such a weirdo. And, you know what? I don’t dread admin anymore!"

Asked about her favourite aspect of the LoveAdmin software, Nin says: "Renewing the classes. All the info is there, you can just renew it when it’s a new term – it’s all done. I also like the fact that the parent can go in and input their information, so you’re not chasing them for those details."

The results

LoveAdmin is not only drastically reducing the time Nin needs to spend on admin, but it's also saving Swimplicity a significant financial outlay.

Nin says: "If I didn’t use LoveAdmin, I would have to employ someone full-time, there is absolutely no way that I could be dealing with the clients, like emailing them, on top of the admin. I would have to pay them a salary!"

If, like Nin, you'd like to spend less time on pain-staking admin and more time doing what you love, then book a consultation with one of our friendly team today.

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