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Managing contacts and registrations with CRM


Manage contacts and registrations – all in one place

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello LoveAdmin! With all your contact data secured and centralised in one place you’ll not only improve your safeguarding and data protection, but you’ll save hours administrating registrations, attendance, payments and communications.

What’s more, contacts can manage their own account and keep information up to date with everything you need!


Build those bookings

Make the right impression with your own personalised registration page. No paper forms, pdfs or plain class lists for your customers, with LoveAdmin we’ll build you branded timetables, complete with pictures and videos, that are filterable by location, coach, age and class.

With choices of direct debit, one-off card payments, discounts and waiting lists – you’ll be building bookings in no time.

Build sports club bookings with LoveAdmin
Industry leading communication tools


Help your messages stand-out

Dial up your communications and keep your contacts in the loop, with industry-leading features that help you easily send engaging, professional branded messages. Attract their attention with attachments and video links in emails or get urgent messages to wherever they are with SMS. Sending lots of reminders?

Let automatic notifications take care of that for you, at the touch of a button.


Monitor your organisation’s success

Whether its tracking payments owed, checking which sessions are performing or which camps need a registration boost – you can read the pulse of your organisation with LoveAdmin reporting. We care about your success and having the right data to hand is key to that happening.

Not sure where to start? Speak to our strategic success team, who are on hand to help uncover opportunities.

Monitor your success with business reports

How LoveAdmin helps you

Communication and support

Remove your admin headaches

Advanced software paired with the largest customer team in the industry, means less admin pain. So you can focus on what you love.

Support for multiple devices

Manage everything through one system

Simplify managing your contacts, payments, bookings and customer engagement – all through one secure, connected system.

Setup and onboarding

Get a first-class onboarding experience

You won’t get this level of set up and build anywhere else. Remove the stress of setting up something new with our premium onboarding.

Cost effective software

Keep cash flowing and grow revenues

We don’t just help keep your cash flowing, we work with you to grow your revenues with strategic advice that’s all part of our service.

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Elevate your organisation with LoveAdmin! Say farewell to tedious tasks and embrace streamlined efficiency. Our clients choose us for a reason – they want software that exceeds the ordinary and experienced minds to support their success.

At LoveAdmin, we’re more than just a software provider; we’re your dedicated partner. From initial setup to ongoing strategy, our team stands by you every step of the way. Discover the LoveAdmin difference and unleash the full potential of your organisation.

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