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Swimplicity case study for LoveAdmin


Swimplicity is a successful swim school founded in 2017 in Stratford Upon Avon, with almost 160+ swimmers. After a rollercoaster few years, Swimplicity has three pools, and its classes are in high demand.

We spoke to owner, Nin Kyle about the challenges Swimplicity faced before using LoveAdmin and how we’ve helped them overcome them.

If I didn’t use LoveAdmin, I would have to employ someone full-time. I like how all the info is there, you can just renew it when it’s a new term – it’s all done. Also, the parent can go in and input their information, so you’re not chasing those details.

Nin Kyle, Swimplicity

Smimplicity case study. Save time on swim school admin with LoveAdmin

The challenge

Nin decided to implement LoveAdmin at Swimplicity from day one of opening the business, having experienced the agony of spreadsheets when working as a swim teacher in South Africa. They needed to find swim school software that made admin tasks easy and could grow with them.

In 2018, they found our swim school management software – and could say goodbye to late nights going through bank statements and manually reconciling payments.  

I was running a swim school, but I was also a data capturer. I was just constantly entering data into Excel and juggling what felt like five million spreadsheets, between the finances, the timetables, the enquiries and registrations. There was no congruency whatsoever, and I was working really hard and long hours.

Nin Kyle, Swimplicity

Solution & results

Better content management

Better contact management

Swimplicity uses the simple Contact CRM to keep all member information in one place, send group or individual comms and so much more. Plus, their parents can quickly update their information when they need to.

Reduce time spent on admin

Reduced time spent on admin

The all-in-one software means that Nin no longer has to spend hours updating multiple spreadsheets. They can now easily see who has paid, who hasn’t and automate new registrations.

A system with room for your organisation to grow

A system with room to grow

Since joining LoveAdmin, Swimplicity has grown in size and now runs out of three pools. Our swim school software allows insights into the profitability of each pool and makes timetabling easy.

Easily collect payments


The smooth checkout system has allowed Swimplicity has been able to successfully process more than 7,500+ payments since joining LoveAdmin.

See how it works
I had so many late nights, sifting through bank statements, trying to see who had paid, chasing payments. Even registering I used to do on paper, and then have to type it up.

Nin Kyle, Swimplicity

Why LoveAdmin?

An extension of their team

At LoveAdmin, we know that teamwork leads to success. When Swimplicity joined us, our team worked as part of theirs, using our knowledge and experience to help them reach their goals.

5* support

Our platform is great for member communication. It helps Nin group members and sends out emails proactively. This increased their reach and engaged members with more relevant and timely messages. Plus, it helps to save valuable time.

Collect all types of revenue

With our software set-up and support, Swimplicity were able to collect payments more efficiently and expand into new pools. This not only freed up their time to focus on the business but boosted their revenue.