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Swindon Harriers

Established in 1996 after Swindon Road Runners and Swindon AC joined forces, Swindon Harriers is an athletics club boasting over 450 members.

Members are aged from seven years old to 77, and take part in track and field athletics, cross country and road running at Swindon athletics track, as well as various other locations across the town.

The club is thriving thanks to its dedicated volunteers, who include coaches, committee members, team managers, and officials.

The Challenge - Before LoveAdmin

Without a sports club management software solution in place, Swindon Harriers faced significant admin challenges.

The club was feeling the pain of relying on a very manual and time-consuming approach to managing its members, as club Treasurer, Ray Bell, explains: "We had a paper-based membership system.

"We needed to monitor annual membership renewals, annual and monthly subscriptions requiring logging circa 300 payments a month, and had to identify non or late payments."

The Solution - After LoveAdmin

In April 2021, Swindon Harriers turned to LoveAdmin in order to modernise the running of the club.

LoveAdmin's software is built to save administrators time by automating their admin and making it easier to collect more money faster. The system also brings membership information into one, secure place.

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The Results

The team at Swindon Harriers has been delighted with how LoveAdmin has helped simplify the way they run their athletics club.

With a clear view of their members and membership information, they can easily email them or even identify those at risk of leaving.

Ray says: "Monitoring has been substantially reduced as we now have visibility of those who have not paid without having to check all the receipts. We are now planning for the new club membership year, which starts April 2022 when we expect the admin load to reduce significantly."

Asked about his favourite feature of LoveAdmin, Ray says: "The ability to access the system from anywhere, and to have detailed information relating to individual members."

If, like Ray and Swindon Harriers, you want to spend less time on admin and more time doing what you enjoy, then get your FREE demo of LoveAdmin today!