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Club Management Tools to Reduce Admin

Formed in 1978, Waveney F.C. are a football club based in Suffolk, boasting 55 teams – including youth, girls, disability, senior and walking football sections – with over 800 players.

Chairman Mark Gamble says: "In 2021, the club became a charity, which has been a great benefit to the club. However, there have also been challenges in terms of administration, collecting payments, recording appearances and communication with members."

The Challenge - Before LoveAdmin

The sheer size of the club meant that Waveney FC's staff were being overwhelmed by admin. From chasing payments from players to general administrative tasks, time was being swallowed up by the manual work involved.

Mark adds that engaging with their players was also a significant challenge: "Communication was always difficult with the sheer numbers and the groups they play in."

The Solution - After LoveAdmin

Waveney F.C. turned to LoveAdmin's football club management software in order to modernise the club and relieve staff of sifting through paperwork and spreadsheets.

Mark explains: "LoveAdmin has given us the tools to be more efficient and has reduced admin time. Payments are made through London & Zurich, which are collected promptly – even if a payment fails, the system allows us to keep trying to collect those payments."

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The club's communication woes have also been addressed, as LoveAdmin's system comes with easy-to-use emailing functionality – meaning they can email members en masse or individually in just a few clicks.

Mark says: "The players are filtered in specific areas and this makes it very easy to keep our members updated with news etc.

"We have used the template facility to very good use, which makes emails more personal and specific to the member. This has reduced the time we were spending on personalising emails before we signed up to LoveAdmin."

The Results

It's not just admin that has been addressed at Waveney F.C. The football club has also seen an increase in income, as the software makes it easier for players to pay their fees as well as chases any late-payers.

Mark says: "LoveAdmin has reduced the amount of admin enormously. It is also very easy for other volunteers to pick up and use. Our increase in revenue has increased by around 30%, which goes back into football development projects within the club."

Asked about his favourite feature of the LoveAdmin system, Mark adds: "Communications and the payment system are the areas we use the most, but other facilities are very useful to record attendance as we award medals to players who attend a certain number of weeks."

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