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Gymnastics membership and payment admin management

Waveney Gymnastics Club started off in a school hall as many other clubs do in their early days. It was formed by John Pawsey in 1976 who had the vision of working towards a purpose-built gymnastics centre in 1994/95. After many years of hard work, the centre officially opened its doors in 2003, and in recent years it has become widely recognised as a world-class gymnastics centre, hosting international teams as well its very own 1000+ gymnasts.

The challenge - before LoveAdmin

Waveney Gymnastics went through several phases with their membership and payment admin management. They tried everything you can think of – spreadsheets, a database, paper registration forms, postal letters, cash payments, standing orders, and direct debits. However, all of these methods were laborious, inefficient and costly both from a time and money point of view.

Although the club progressed electronically over the years, one of the key issues they continuously faced was with disconnected member records and payments. As there wasn’t a direct link between the two, bank statements had to be cross-referenced against individual names, and inevitably, many payments slipped through the net. The club ended up being owed thousands of pounds which was a big issue.

It’s clear to see why Waveney Gymnastics was looking for a new system. Key to their choice was saving admin time and therefore admin costs, streamlining payments and eliminating paperwork.

The solution - after LoveAdmin

Waveney Gymnastics felt that LoveAdmin had an edge and understood their needs in comparison to other systems. Alex Row, Centre Manager at the club said, “Since we found LoveAdmin, we haven’t really looked back.” Here’s why…

The LoveAdmin gymnastics club management software has enabled the club to collect payments online and thanks to automatic reconciliation, these no longer have to be marked off manually. Additionally, Waveney Gymnastics was looking for a system that tracks and chases missed payments for them, and LoveAdmin does exactly that. They have full control over the frequency and number of payment reminders that are sent out. As a result, missed payments never go unnoticed and the club collects more money.

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Member records are now stored more efficiently with payment status, and the club can rely on parents to register online, make payments and update their child’s details which has reduced their workload. Storing records securely has ensured that the club is GDPR compliant and because everything is password protected and restricted with access rights, personal information about gymnasts is only visible to those who need to see it.

Waveney Gymnastics feel really positive about LoveAdmin’s multi-platform usage for communication – they use both emails and push notifications via the mobile app. It’s much quicker to keep parents in the loop of the latest updates and they appreciate the transparency and immediacy of messages. There are also no caps on how many emails can be sent therefore no extra costs are incurred. Another aspect of the mobile app that has worked really well for the club is pushing out video content to their gymnasts via the content scheduler and timeline. During the COVID-19 lockdown period, this made it easy for the club to interact with everyone at once and they received great feedback from parents on their challenges.

The process of creating attendance registers is now really simplified too. A month’s worth of registers for all of their squads can be created in a few clicks which eliminates plenty of admin. As coaches can see medical information at their fingertips through registers, they are always aware and don’t need to be reminded of underlying medical conditions gymnasts may have. At a management level, the club can see who’s attending, who’s not and then personally follow up with parents if need be.

The results

Overall, Waveney Gymnastics Club has seen great results since switching over to LoveAdmin. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • The club’s income has increased by £3,000 in revenue per month as a result of better collection rates – they collect all of their monthly payments through LoveAdmin and parents pay 3x quicker than before
  • The team does 70% less admin allowing them to spend more time doing the things they love the most – coaching gymnastics and growing their business

Alex commented, “LoveAdmin has enabled our members to have a seamless transition from enquiry to becoming an active member. We don’t have to do a great deal of work during that process and we’re able to effectively communicate with everyone because when they join our waiting lists they’re automatically added into our database.”

Alex is also a SuperAdmin for LoveAdmin’s sub-brand, LoveGymnastics and here’s what he thinks about our ambassador programme – ”Being a LoveGymnastics SuperAdmin has given me an avenue to communicate with fellow club owners as a group. We don’t often have access to things like this so it’s nice to catch up twice a month and ask each other how we’re getting on with our businesses. It definitely takes away the isolation and breaks down barriers that are sometimes put up in the gymnastics community.”