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Rowing Club Membership

Weybridge Rowing Club, based on the river Thames, helps people of all ages and rowing experience learn to row and refine their skills. From club memberships to race events, Weybridge Rowing Club does it all!

With demand high, the volunteer-powered, community-focused club has ambitious plans including relocating and developing its clubhouse.

The Challenge - Before LoveAdmin

Claudine Ferguson, who has been at the club since she learnt to row, was getting buried in Google Sheets when she assumed her role as Membership Secretary.

She explains: "We had heavily customised Google Sheets coming out of our ears! They'd get easily corrupted, which was a nightmare.

"Renewals were a headache too, especially as we host a big race event at the same time we change our club year."

The Solution - After LoveAdmin

LoveAdmin's dedicated onboarding team helped Claudine securely bring over the club's membership database. Now members can keep their own details up-to-date in a safer way, in a more secure system – so improving their compliance with GDPR.

Claudine says: "Lee, the onboarding specialist, was very good at bringing us across. It's all been smooth sailing."

Having their information in one place also means the club can simply communicate with their members, using LoveAdmin's engagement tools to help improve retention.

"Emailing our club newsletter and other key club communications is far easier being in the one place – we had been using Mailchimp and regular email before."

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The Results

The membership secretariat is now spending less time manually handling membership fees and renewals, thanks to the LoveAdmin software.

"What is key is knowing that membership renewal reminders are going to go out, and not having to do anything more once set. We don't have to track who has and who hasn't paid. We don't have to go into and marry up three different systems. Moving to LoveAdmin has taken a huge load off."

Weybridge Rowing Club are not just using the software to handle renewals. "We're excited to be introducing the handling of race fees and our version of the development programme," explains Claudine. "We've also got optional extras for boat racking, for example."

The new version (V2) of the LoveAdmin software will also help drive further income via its 'shop' functionality, something Claudine is excited to use: "We're planning to sell merchandise, including special edition kit in celebration of our 140th anniversary."

Claudine is also full of praise for the Customer Success team at LoveAdmin, who are on hand by email or phone to help with any software-related questions.

She adds: "I ask some pretty weird and complicated questions, and Anya has been great! She sorted out how our race meets work."

If, like Claudine and Weybridge Rowing Club, you'd like to easily manage your members and collect renewals easily, get your FREE demo of the LoveAdmin system.