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Worthing Minors

Worthing Minors football club was founded during the mid-1970s so that children who didn’t meet the standards to join Southdown United – the only club in the area at the time – could play football.

As the ‘rejects’ started playing for Worthing Minors they soon found themselves improving and they finished third in their first competitive season coming one place above Southdown United – a true underdog success story!

Worthing Minors soon found their unexpected success coupled with the friendly environment they provided to play football made their popularity increase year on year. Now, they have field teams in every age group.

But, with increased membership comes increased admin and Worthing Minors soon found themselves in need of LoveAdmin’s help.

The Challenge

Worthing Minors found their payment collection and information management had quickly become outdated and ineffective. Managers had to chase late fees, relay communications and deal with prospective applications themselves. Then, once they had collected the children’s information, it was stored in a dated Microsoft Access database.

Payment collection also rapidly became a key problem for Worthing Minors. Members predominantly paid by cash or cheque which was collected by Club Officials. And, due to the fact they had no real means of recording payment, this meant many members went without paying and the Club was regularly out of pocket – something they couldn’t afford.

To compound these issues, their inadequate information database meant that if Team Managers didn’t turn up to Committee Meetings, relevant information wasn’t passed on. And once the GDPR were passed, Worthing Minors knew this had to change.

In the face of these challenges, Worthing Minors began looking for a solution that could support their admin needs more effectively, and importantly, stay on top of their payment collection.

The Solution

Key to Worthing Minors’ choice was the need to increase payment collection rates, reduce administration time and improve their information database.

LoveAdmin’s 'real time' payment reports helped Worthing Minors keep track of every penny paid and owed and as payments came in online, the system would reconcile the payment automatically saving them time.

When it came to keeping on top of debtors, they could quickly see who was yet to pay and send reminders direct from their payment reports without the need to do the chasing themselves.

LoveAdmin football club management software also provides players with their own online account where they can keep their information up-to-date first-hand. The process of the parent logging in and checking that their child’s information is up-to-date increases the likelihood of the information being accurate which aids GDPR compliance.

And, because fields on the registration form can be made mandatory for completion, vital information like medical conditions, declarations and emergency contact information are now collected in full, improving the safeguards for players and Worthing Minors themselves.

Now, when new players join, no longer do Managers have to add the players to their Microsoft Access database manually - new registrations are done online and information and payments are recorded on the database instantaneously.

The Result

Worthing Minors have seen great results since switching to LoveAdmin's powerful football club management software.

Since adopting the software, they have increased their payment collection by £6,000 and collected payments 4x faster than ever before. If that wasn’t good enough, Worthing Minors have also reduced their time spent on admin by 90%.

Speaking about LoveAdmin, Barry Borrett, the Club’s Treasurer, said: “LoveAdmin has consigned manual paper records and cheque payments to the dustbin. It’s a wonderfully efficient system which allows the Club to focus on kids football and not the admin.” – the way things should be.

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