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Get to know Rob

What do you do at LoveAdmin?Rob staff spotlight

I oversee the ideation and development of our products and new features. The goal is to continuously add more delight to using LoveAdmin’s suite of tools and solutions.

What do you love about working at LoveAdmin?

The camaraderie! From the moment I joined, I immediately felt like I had joined a family, cliché I know! Every team member, from every department, is connected through a desire to build the best experience for our customers. Everyone supports each other to deliver a great product and customer experience, so you never feel the challenge is too tough or solely on your shoulders – there’s always a team of people helping to meet the goals and challenges faced.

If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do here, what would it be?

Delight Architect – My aim is to support the team in building an amazing product that delivers solutions to continuously delight our customers.

Tell us something interesting about you

I’m one of a rare breed that has actually seen Spurs lift a trophy in person!

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I like to suffer apparently. When I’m not cheering on Spurs through hand-covered eyes, I’m kicking my feet through thick grass trying to locate mysteriously disappearing little white balls!

When you’re in control of the LoveAdmin playlist, what music would you play?

It would be an emotional rollercoaster. The Killers, Foo Fighters and Stereophonics, followed by some Radiohead and REM, a drizzle of Dre, a sprinkle of Stevie Wonder, and topped off with some Lionel and Luther.

Tell us a random fact about you

I hate cooked fruit in general. Apple doesn’t belong in a pie and pineapple should be nowhere near a pizza.

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