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This is our terms and conditions page for the LoveAdmin Referral Programme.

By joining the LoveAdmin referral programme, you are accepting these Terms and Conditions


1.1 To be eligible for the LoveAdmin Referral Programme, you (the Referrer) must recommend the LoveAdmin system to an organisation (the Referee) that is not already an existing customer of LoveAdmin, or currently in discussion with LoveAdmin.

1.2  Organisations that join LoveAdmin via a Referral with annual fees under £20,000 will not see the Referrer given the reward.

1.2 The Referrer must be a LoveAdmin client or user.

1.4 If the same organisation has been referred to LoveAdmin more than once, only the first referral will be considered.

1.5 All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the LoveAdmin Referral Programme will be solely resolved by LoveAdmin.

1.6 Any set up fee discounts can not be used in conjunction with any other discount offers


2.1 The Referee (person being referred) must complete the LoveAdmin Referral Programme form and clearly state who has referred them. Only matching LoveAdmin accounts, who have been named as Referrer at the time of demo booking, will be eligible for their reward.

2.2 Eligible Referees (the person who has been referred) will have 30% discount applied to their set up fee when joining LoveAdmin.

2.3 Once the Referred account has been set up and started transacting, the Referrer and Referee will receive a £75 Amazon voucher to the email addresses provided in the referral form.

2.4 The referral programme will only be valid if the Referee becomes a LoveAdmin customer within 12 months of being referred.


LoveAdmin reserves the right to cancel or change the LoveAdmin Referral Programme at any time for any reason.