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I’m Jess, owner of EleVAte.

I work from the comfort of my own home, running EleVAte and working as a virtual assistant alongside my fantastic team of 6 other creative VA’s.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my business is helping to grow our client’s businesses simply by taking on their Social Media Accounts, admin tasks, automating their systems, and producing great marketing strategies, allowing my clients to spend more time doing what they love and are good at, therefore improving their quality of life.

Since launching EleVAte only a year and a half ago, we are now helping over 50 business owners with their business growth, admin and social media, and are the only Virtual Assistant and Social Media Management professionals within the Children’s Activity Sector. I love to educate business owners on how they can improve their social media presence as it is a necessary part of marketing these days, but you have to treat it right to get results.

During this webinar, we will touch upon the basics and then head deeper into how you can transform your social media accounts by learning things you may never know exist, exploring the WONDERFUL world of algorithm, and tips and cheats to save you time and see more of a return on your efforts.

Spaces are limited – so book yours today!