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We’ve partnered with the British Heart Foundation to raise awareness for their new RevivR campaign – an online tool that shows you when and how to do CPR. The free, fast and easy-to-use training course is perfect for clubs and organisations, and could save someone’s life. 

What is RevivR? 

The RevivR free online tool is a perfect resource for clubs and organisations, management, members, young leaders, students, parents, and caregivers. 

Simple to use, all you need is a phone / tablet, 15 minutes and a cushion. Learn how to save a life and even receive your own CPR certification. 

What is CPR and why do you need to learn it? 

CPR, also known as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, is an essential emergency lifesaving skill. CPR is only performed when the heart stops beating. Each year in the UK, over 30,000 people experience a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, with less than one in ten surviving. But did you know giving CPR and using a defibrillator can help you to double someone’s chance of survival? 

This course is suitable for anyone who has been trained in first aid and is looking for a refresher, or if you have team members who do not have first aid training but could benefit from learning CPR. You don’t just have to keep it within your organisation either – share it with your friends, family and also students / members! 

How does the RevivR training work? 

Step 1 – Learn your basics 

During this stage, you’ll learn how to recognise a cardiac arrest, common signs and symptoms as well as what to do in an emergency situation. 

Step 2 – Be prepared 

You’ll learn when to call 999 and what to expect during a simulation call. This is so that if you’re ever in that situation, you’ll know what to say and do. 

Step 3 – Perfect your technique 

RevivR gives you feedback on your CPR technique and will help you to perfect and practise. 

Step 4 – Learn how to use a defib

This step will teach you how to use a defibrillator and also where your nearest one is located. 

Sign up for your free online CPR training

Don’t worry if you’re unable to complete your CPR training now, sign up and the British Heart Foundation will email it directly to your inbox for you to complete at a time that is convenient for you. 

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