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The basic rules of football have stayed pretty much the same over the years. But there have been big changes in how teams approach the game and the tech they use.

At the grassroots level, the game is becoming more competitive and technologically advanced. To gain a competitive edge over other teams, it’s often necessary to follow the lead of professional organisations.

Traditionally, tactical software was once only used by elite clubs and academies. Now, it is available to clubs of all levels and abilities. Technological advances have enabled the software to be used pitchside via smartphones and tablets.

Apps are not only easily accessible but they help bridge gaps between teams. But with so many football coaching apps and software on the market, it can be hard to know which are the right ones for you and your club.

Don’t worry – we’ve done the hard work for you and summarised the features and pricing of the six best football coaching and tactics apps on the market.

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The best football coaching and tactics software

These six football coaching apps can be used to develop new tactics, enhance player development and maximise match-day performance.


Whether you’re a grassroots or professional team, TacticalPad is the solution for you. With over one million downloads, this powerful piece of software is well-loved by football clubs across the world.

With this app, you’ll have everything you need to coach the next generation of footballers, from session planning and drills to match analysis.

It’s available on Windows, Mac, iPad/iPhone and Android, with three different subscriptions options:

  • Full (£48/year)
  • PC/MAC (£29.99/year)
  • Android/iPhone/iPad (£23.49/year)

Download TacticalPad

Football Sessions – Ultimate Coaches App

Ultimate Coaches App is designed for grassroots coaches, recreational players, as well as academy managers and technical directors. Football teams can use it to generate player profiles and a consistent training programme.

Featuring professional content to motivate performance and maximise player potential, this app is well put together and easy to use. Additionally, activities for training sessions, drill planning and much more are included.

Three packages are available:

  • Free
  • Comprehensive (£4.99/year)
  • Optimum (£9.99/year)

Download Ultimate Coaches App

My Football Coach

This popular app-based piece of football coaching software has been designed to be used on iPads. Packed full of game-changing features, this app is great for confirming players’ positions and nailing matchday tactics.

Other features include creating different formations for each half, putting substitutes together, and recording game activities such as goals, fouls, cards, offside and attacks.

What’s even better, this app is completely free (optional in-app purchases) to use and available on the Apple store.

Download My Football Coach

Football Tactic Board

With over one million downloads and 9.9k reviews, Football Tactic Board has proven to be a popular choice for many clubs across the globe.

This app is a great choice for creating your matchday tactics and coming up with squad formations. Its simple interface is also great for mastering your game-day strategy.

It’s free and also requires no registration. Available on the Google Play store.

Download Football Tactic Board

24/7 Coach

This powerful coaching app allows you to design training sessions and create tactic boards in no time at all.

At the click of a button, you can create bespoke plans for player development, strategise match tactics, plan coaching drill sessions and much more. From grassroots football clubs to professional league clubs, this app has been created to help all different size clubs.

Sessions can be saved and shared via email, and social media and can also be printed.

Available to download on iOS for iPads.

24/7 Coach

Coach Tactic Board

Like a classic whiteboard, this app helps you to create tactics / drills for your players. Save an unlimited amount of sessions, create teams, plan substitutions, customise players and even export files to a PDF or share via Facebook.

The app is free to download for iPads on the Apple Store and has some options to upgrade to more premium functionality.

Download Coach Tactic Board

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