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Football is a sport that is constantly evolving

New technology in football is continuously being developed that can help to improve the game at the highest level. But with increasingly accessible tools becoming available, technology is starting to play a huge part in furthering the game at a non-league and grassroots level. 

Keep reading to discover how your club can utilise the power of technology in football.

Improve your fans’ matchday experience 

Technology can help to improve the matchday experience for fans in a number of ways, for football clubs of all sizes. 

Pre-match, online ticketing platforms make it easier for supporters to purchase game tickets, and mobile apps can provide up-to-the-minute information on fixtures, results and league tables. As well as keeping up with the daily behind-the-scenes of the clubs. 

On the pitch, an internet connection, computer and camera are all that are needed for any club to set up a matchday streaming service. 

More and more organisations nationwide are catching on to how easy it is to provide fans with a live video stream, with clubs commonly choosing to stream games on YouTube.

One example of a football organisation that has mastered streaming technology is South England-based 5s Football. They record all matches so that players can watch back full games, highlights and even goals.

Additionally, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are a great free way to connect with fans and local communities, increasing club outreach and building a sense of community. 

Videos taken during the games can be easily uploaded online, engaging with fans over funny moments, great goals or even scoring the next viral TikTok – you never know if your club could be the next internet sensation. 

Enhance your training sessions and players’ performance 

Technology also plays a big role in enhancing player performance, and enhancement coaching software has never been more accessible. 

Video analysis tools can help players and coaches to identify strengths and weaknesses and make tactical adjustments, both in training sessions and after a game. However, it’s important to make sure that you obtain player / parent permission before filming and also update your club’s safeguarding policy before recording. 

However, all that’s really needed in terms of technology to stream or record a training session is a camera. Set pieces, team tactics, repeated patterns of mistakes, good decisions – recording a match or a session can provide valuable insight to help your team reflect and improve. 

Our football consultant is also the Vice Chair of non-league football club Whitehawk FC, so he has valuable insight into the accessibility to technology in non-league football clubs. 

“On the pitch, there are devices that are relatively cheap that monitor player positioning, and there’s a remote player tracker that can highlight specific plays or players,” says Kevin.

Another example of technology that is trickling down from the top tier of sports science and being implemented in non-league, as well as grassroots, is the GPS tracking system. 

These wearable player monitors give accurate readings of a player’s performance data, including heart rate, distance covered, sprint seeds, and high-intensity running. This allows coaches to accurately assess player fitness levels and tailor training programmes accordingly – benefitting not just the player but also your club. 

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend checking out some of the following GPS wearables: 


STATSports is one of the most reputable brands in the industry. Its GPS tracker is FIFA-approved, tracks 16 different metrics and is available for both men and women, adults and children. Plus, regular sale offers make this tech more affordable. Learn more on the STASports website.

Catapult One 

There are also subscription services available, such as Catapult One – worn by top professionals and trusted by Premier League-level clubs. 

A membership includes: 

  • FIFA-approved Catapult One pod, vest and charger 
  • 12-month access to the Catapult One app 
  • Exclusive exercise videos and articles 
  • Performance data, trends, and leaderboards in the Catapult One app 

For the monthly membership, Catapult One is €15.99 per/ month for individuals plus €34.00 starter kit, or you can subscribe to the annual membership for €179.99, which includes the starter kit.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to kit out the entire squad, Catapult One offers bundle deals.

Using technology in football to streamline your club admin 

For many clubs lower down the pyramid, club administration can cause a real headache. Let’s be honest – no one gets into football for the time-consuming admin. 

Keeping on top of registrations, health and safety documentation, licenses, emails, payments and fees can be overwhelming for any small club. 

Technology can help clubs with the day-to-day running of the organisation, making things easier for club administrators, players and coaches alike.

For example, a centralised platform that stores all important documents such as fixture lists, player registrations and contact details can save a lot of time and hassle. Online team management software can also be used to communicate with players and parents, send important announcements and share documents.

Our football club management software includes the following features: 

  • Online registrations 
  • Document upload for Whole Game system 
  • Online fee collection
  • Automatic payment reconciliation 
  • Automatic payment reminders 
  • Up-to-the-minute payment reports
  • Group email tool 
  • Holiday camp management 
  • Customisable online shop for you to boost revenue by selling merchandise 
  • All information is stored in one secure place

Over the years, LoveAdmin’s football management software has reduced the admin of many football clubs including Killingworth Young Peoples Club by 80% and Worthing Minors FC by 90% – with Worthing Minors also seeing a revenue increase of £6,000. 

If you’re interested in a free demo of our powerful football software, sign up here. 

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