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Baskervilles gynmastics


Baskervilles School of Gymnastics has delivered high-quality gymnastics programmes to the Bath area for over 40 years.

Catering to individuals of all ages and skill levels, they offer everything from gymnastics classes and competitive training to holiday camps and fitness sessions. With over 2,000 children attending over 130 sessions each week, manually managing bookings and payments, and coordinating and promoting new classes was time-consuming and inefficient.

We spoke with the dedicated team behind Baskervilles to learn how the adoption of LoveAdmin boosted their admin efficiency, streamlined payments, and helped them focus on growing and cultivating their gymnasts and community.

Efficient, responsive, and transformative.

Katherine, Head of Welfare, on three words to describe LoveAdmin

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software for gymnastics clubs

The challenge

Before moving to LoveAdmin, the Baskervilles admin team was overwhelmed with manually processing bookings, compiling attendance registers, and logging payments, leaving little time to focus on growth and marketing their school.

With the scale of Baskervilles, taking payments over the phone or via bank transfer, and manually logging these on attendance registers and spreadsheets, simply took too long!

Finding software that rolled all their bookings, payments, communications, and registers into one would streamline their admin and let them focus on the important stuff: their gymnasts and community building.

Previously it took a week for both me (Jess) and Zoe to invoice our clients… and it now takes 4 hours

Jess and Zoe, Administrators at Baskerville School of Gymnastics

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Solution & results

Get enhanced member communication with LoveAdmin

Growing their school

Using our capacity level tool, Baskervilles can quickly identify low-attendance classes, and proactively promote them to their cohorts with our advanced, customisable communication tools.

Increased club revenue

Keeping up with the times

With LoveAdmin, members and parents have 24/7 access to browse classes, events, and camps on Baskervilles’ own branded booking site. They no longer need to wait for reception to open to book and pay; parents can now do it all conveniently from their mobile!

A system with room for your organisation to grow

Up-to-date registers

Our attendance registers surface payment statuses for easy access, eliminating the need for coaches to manually track or follow up with late fees. Plus, with quick access to attendee information, emergency contacts, and medical info, safeguarding processes are enhanced and protected.

Easily collect payments

Streamlined payments and bookings

With bookings and payments rolled into one, Baskervilles can say goodbye to manually logging payments. Automatic payment collections and overdue reminders reduce the need for chasing payments, making the process seamless and efficient.

We use LoveAdmin in lots of different ways. We use it to send out bulk marketing emails to all our customers to promote events – it’s been really useful. We also use the capacity tool to see which classes we need to market more. We can then just share the link on social media and customers can click on it direct and purchase classes. We’re keeping up with the times.

Maddie Wheeler, Marketing and Events Manager

Why LoveAdmin?

All their communication needs in one place

By fully customising, saving and reusing email templates, Baskervilles can now streamline their group communications while sending personalised messages every time. Whether promoting upcoming holiday courses to new sign-ups, chasing payments from financial reports, or inviting specific classes to purchase new courses of interest – they can achieve it all with LoveAdmin.

More time to focus on growth

By reducing their time spent on repetitive admin, like processing bookings and logging payments, they now have the capacity for team members to grow within their roles and dedicate time and focus to promoting and delivering high-quality classes.

An extension of their team

At LoveAdmin, we’re more than just your software providers; we’re your support specialists, business strategists, and sports enthusiasts! We work closely with our partners to ensure optimal setups and ongoing support. We worked closely with Baskervilles to ensure they received the best support and business advice.

With numbers that speak for themselves, book a demo today to learn more about what LoveAdmin can do for you.