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Creating a successful fundraising strategy for your club or organisation can be daunting

That’s why we recently invited Kevin Delaney from Academy Street Workshop to host a webinar for our community.

Kevin is Lead Consultant, Trainer and Coach at Academy Street Workshop and has been working with nonprofits for over 15 years. He’s developed tailored programmes to support smaller organisations to grow their fundraising and also shares his knowledge and skills in training series across multiple countries. 

In order to maximise his ability to impact organisations Kevin co-founded Academy Street Workshop, a specialist nonprofit agency dedicated to helping organisations achieve their goals.

Whether it’s fundraising advice, support or coaching, Kevin is able to help. 

Our webinar covers all you need to know about fundraising.

Including the following:

  • 10 steps on how to create a killer fundraising plan
  • How to move beyond the standard A-Z of fundraising
  • How to maximise fundraising resources 
  • The different types of fundraising opportunities you have as an organisation 
  • How to ask for money from sponsors
  • What is donor care and why is it important? 

Kickstart the new financial year with exciting fundraising plans you’ll learn for FREE in this exclusive webinar. 

We would like to thank Kevin for giving such an informative webinar to our community. Also, thank you to everyone who joined us live. 

Missed our webinar? Watch it for FREE below. 

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