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As you know securing football club sponsorship is key to generating funds for your club. Not only does it help you to reinvest in new kits and equipment, but it also helps to support your team and coaches. But we get it, it’s hard to secure a suitable sponsor for all your teams.  

Many football clubs secure their teams sponsorships thanks to parents who have children on the team, have a local business, or can donate the money to purchase a kit, in exchange for their company logo on the front of the shirt. Mutual partnerships are a great way to help you grow your club sustainably, while also getting your sponsor more business exposure – making it a win-win for all. 

With LoveAdmin’s football and sports club management software, you’re able to reach out to your entire contact list in just a few clicks. Making it easier than ever to not only seek out potential sponsors and partners but also actively promote those businesses to local people. 

Have you ever wanted to fully customise and brand the emails you send to potential sponsors? With LoveAdmin you can. From images to video links, you can make your emails come to life and showcase your club to sponsors. You can even add a hyperlinked button linking members directly to your or your sponsors website for them to explore more. 

What’s the key to successfully attracting sponsors 

Showcase your football club   

Emphasising the positive change and impact your club has on your players, coaches, team spirit and local community will attract sponsors whose values align with your club.  

Highlight the potential of the collaboration  

Outlining the benefits of the sponsorship opportunity to your audience is key to gaining interest and success from your potential partners. Make it clear the exposure their business can reach by sponsoring your club, as well as the other perks you offer – such as networking opportunities, tax benefits, customer loyalty, and a sense of community and ownership.  

Be transparent and offer different levels 

Detailing the sponsorship terms is key for transparency and to avoid disappointment. If you wanted to attract multiple sponsors, you could offer different sponsorship and promotional tiers for different budgets. How about a smaller sponsorship for free weekend games? Perhaps a banner on a 3G fence, a pop-up ‘A-frame banner behind the goals? Sponsoring the trophies and medals at the end of the season, or a larger sponsorship for kit branding, training tops and away shirts?  

Ask upfront to find individuals with potential to become sponsors 

During your sign-up process, ask parents if they’d like to be contacted about sponsorship opportunities. This will save time when reaching out, and make sure you only target those interested.  

Use success stories 

One of the best ways to attract new sponsors is social proof. Re-engage with existing sponsors and use them as a success story to entice new sponsors. I.e. “Last year John’s company gained 3 extra clients, and 5 extra jobs from his exposure for being a team sponsor!” 

8 ideas for different football club sponsorship / partnerships you could offer: 

  • Kit sponsorship – Offer a sponsor the chance to cover the cost of a team’s new football kit in exchange for branding on the kit or at the club 
  • Kit sponsorship plus benefits – Combine kit sponsorship with additional funds by having the sponsor cover the kit cost plus extra, in exchange for extended branding opportunities like ads in the monthly newsletter or free games or event tickets 
  • Monthly sponsorship – Secure an additional incentive by offering special mentions and ads in the monthly newsletter, or on the kit or at the club, in exchange for a monthly flat rate 
  • Awards night sponsorship – Need trophies for the end-of-season awards night? Have a sponsor cover the cost in exchange for sponsoring the event and receiving special recognition in the newsletter and on stage 
  • Community partnerships – Seek support from local businesses for supplies or tools needed for club maintenance. Offer special mentions and thanks at seasonal events or in the newsletter in exchange for their contribution 
  • Clubhouse in need of work? Why not host a volunteer day with parents and volunteers and use supplies from local businesses? Create a sense of ownership and community spirit, while saving money on necessary expenses 
  • Partner with local businesses to supply items or services for a raffle night, in exchange for a special mention and recognition – use the raised money for club investment! You could also have a rundown of the prizes in your newsletter 
  • Contact your local pro-club’s foundation or community trust – You’ll likely have a lot of fans of their local ‘big’ teams, so why not reach out and let them know? They may help with several things such as mascot packages for a prize, perhaps a signed shirt for a raffle. Maybe even ask one of the first team players to visit the club, or offer a training session, and sign autographs! 

Sponsorship email template  

We know securing a sponsorship is difficult, so we’ve drafted an email template below for you to use, to give you a push to success!  

“Subject: Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities  

Hello {{User First Name}},    

As a continued valued member of our football club, we have an exciting sponsorship opportunity for you! 

We’re looking for local companies like yours to help us support and reinvest in our football club, in exchange for invaluable brand exposure.  

We established our football club back in [Date] hoping to provide a safe space for people to develop their football skills and enjoy their love of the sport. As we continue this journey, we’re seeking a sponsor for our club, who will help us reinvest in the kit, match officials and pitch costs, training equipment, and in supporting our coaches and everyone who makes the club run.  

You’ll help us continue to be a safe and encouraging space for players to improve their skills and have fun!  

What’s in it for you? {{Input the terms of the sponsorship you are seeking}} 

Beyond this, you’ll be a token member of our football community and receive additional benefits like free games and event tickets.  

For more information on this exciting opportunity, please reply to this email and we’ll be in touch.  

Best wishes,   

{{Organisation Name}}”  

Want to make your email look great with branding and attachments?

LoveAdmin customers benefit from all of this and more. Book a call to see some email templates from existing clients, and how easy it is to build in our football club management software.

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While all the details will differ for your football club, this email draft can be the starting point for seeking a sponsor. Adding details of your club’s rich history and actions within the local community will attract collaborators and companies who share your morals and goals. It’s also important to be honest and transparent when seeking a sponsor, to ensure a positive and productive collaboration.  

Good luck!  

Tips from the expert  

LoveAdmin’s Senior Football Consultant Kevin Miller has been in the game for over 20 years, at Premier League level, and has been the CEO and Vice Chair of two Non-League Football Clubs.  

“I have the privilege of speaking to hundreds of amazing volunteers across the UK, whose dedication to running their football clubs as well as their own lives is nothing short of extraordinary! How many times have we been asked to help our clubs; ‘Oh it will only be for a couple of hours a week,’ and years later you’re embroiled in Committee work, running what is effectively a small business, in your own time without being paid!” 

He adds, “What all clubs are looking for is a straightforward way of running their club, maximising the opportunities available, and enabling the kids to enjoy their time playing the beautiful game. The team here at LoveAdmin understands the game and can draw from partnerships, and experience with other clubs, and use that experience to really make a difference!” 

Book a meeting with Kevin here: Book a demo

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