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As a grassroots football coach, you hold the power to impact the future of young players, guiding them towards their full potential.

However, this exciting journey is not without its challenges, as limited resources and support often stand in your way.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help provide you with those resources and support to keep you ahead of the game. Here are nine websites that will equip with you invaluable insights and tools to improve your coaching skills, create triumphant teams, and nurture player development. Get ready to kickstart your coaching success.

Learn England Football

The Learn England Football site is the England Football Association’s official website for grassroots coaches. It provides individually priced courses for coaches to develop their skills and earn UEFA Licenses. It also has a huge library of sessions you can use for training. This site is ideal for coaches who are keen to develop their coaching skills and need some inspiration for their training sessions.

Soccer Coach Weekly

Soccer Coach Weekly provides a huge amount of information, including guides on coaching methods, drills, team talks, practice plans and much more. Their coaching theme search is also really helpful as it allows coaches to search for specific activity types for specific ages. Overall, this site is an excellent resource for any coach looking to learn more about modern techniques while constantly improving their own knowledge base.

Football DNA

Football DNA offers its members access to over 1,000 videos from professional people involved in the game. It’s a fantastic resource for coaches’ and players’ development and gives access to professionals who offer their best advice, ideas and content. Players have access to the Individual Skills Program which has over 100 challenges to try at home along with sport science programs on and off the pitch! Membership offers:

  • Support for coaches with high-quality sessions
  • Access to coach education videos and webinars
  • Self-development for coaches
  • Ideas and guidance for coaches on their sessions
  • Improves the quality of coaching at your club

The Coaching Manual

The Coaching Manual is an extensive library filled with videos demonstrating drills suitable for all age groups plus more advanced sessions used in professional academies across Europe. Standard membership gives you access to all exclusive content apart from, season plans, design tools, club management and license management. With regular updates being added throughout the year featuring comprehensive tutorials from experienced professionals in the game, it is no wonder why this website has gained popularity among grassroots football coaches worldwide.

Plan It Coach

Plan It Coach provides everything grassroots football coaches need to improve their players’ skills, save time and learn about coaching. It’ll help coaches to:

  • Save time planning & searching for drills
  • Learn new methods with their short coaching courses
  • Ask questions inside our members-only community
  • Create their own animation drills

They also feature articles based on current research relating to grassroots football which can be extremely useful when putting together instruction methods for teams at different levels.


TopTekkers is for players 5-14 years old, who want to improve their skills and master the beautiful game. Through their intuitive app (available on iOS & Android) you can create tailored workouts designed specifically for each player within your team using skills challenges, dribbling exercises, shooting games and goal-keeping activities. These customised workouts can be shared with parents & guardians, so everyone stays informed about progress.


Footy 4 Kids’ quote Tom Statham of Manchester United Academy “Kids’ football is all about the individual loving the game: dribbling and shooting, playing games and scoring goals, experimenting and copying. It is very simple and lots of fun. They offer tutoring and training sessions every week along with advice blogs updated daily full of helpful hints & tips. Not only do they provide services aimed at children aged 6 – 12 years old but they also supply free downloadable PDFs containing fun kids’ activities and games specially designed towards children looking to play competitively or just for fun.

Grassroots Football Coaching

Grassroots Football Coaching is the original football and soccer coaching online community. It gives you access to 100’s of unique, FA Coaching level 1 and 2 coaching drills and sessions created by UEFA A license coaches and ex-professionals. They offer both online and offline modules all focused on becoming an effective coach within your local area. Once you’ve signed up you get access to hundreds of unique drills and sessions, access to drills on your mobile or tablet that you can take to sessions and training videos developed by UEFA A license coaches.

Team Grassroots

The Team Grassroots Coaching Section offers a free, comprehensive coaching resource for the Grassroots coaching community. The site offers session plans, animated videos, session plans, animated coaching videos, a syllabus for under 12’s and 12-16 years old and downloadable resources. They give all you need to plan sessions, develop players, reward hard work and build a solid team.

Ultimately, these nine websites give grassroots football coaches everything they need in terms of training drills, practice plans, resources and educational material.

Although most of them require you to sign up with a membership plan, they give you access to the most current and effective coaching resources available. Many grassroots coaches take on a coaching role because of their love of the game, but they also have regular jobs and commitments. By choosing one of these sites to help you run and structure your sessions, you free up more time for everything else in your day-to-day life and give your team the best possible advantage.

If you’re a volunteer for a grassroots football club, then you may want to join our LoveFootball Community Facebook group, a supportive group for people who are involved with grassroots football. You can get advice from other coaches, discuss issues facing your club and chat with like-minded people. It’s a respectful and fun community, so feel free to join us!

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