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Grassroots football provides a range of benefits, from encouraging children to work at their best to developing their communication whilst having fun. It is a really good idea to get your child into grassroots football.

How could grassroots football help the local community?

Grassroots football provides an amazing local community, there will be a sense of belonging within the club/sport and you will always feel welcome as players or parents. Everyone within will make sure to make sure your child benefits from the experience and the strong friendships that are made will make sure that everyone feels welcomed. “I would always feel welcomed whenever I played football and it felt like a safe space that I could just relax in”

It’s more than just football skills

Grassroots football is brilliant at developing social skills (communication), leadership and of course, football skills. Grassroots football boosts the players confidence and performing under pressure (in matches). It also develops their competitive nature as well as their respect for others. “I joined grassroots football because I wanted a chance to socialize with my friends outside of school while having fun playing.”

Benefit of football on children’s mental health

Playing grassroots football gives your child a boost of happiness and joy and overall improving their mental health. People that are happy in their environment always perform better this can increase confidence and self-esteem also, it can help to reduce anxiety. “grassroots football helped reduce my anxiety and become happier.”

The power of grassroots football

Overall grassroots football absolutely benefits everyone that plays it, especially kids, it can teach some very important skills all while they’re having fun. Therefore, there is a whole host of reasons for your child to start grassroots football.


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