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Finding and securing funding for your club or organisation is not always simple

With so many grants available, it can be hard to know what ones you are eligible for and the criteria you need to meet. 

We recently hosted a webinar with Richard Sutcliffe, Director of Funding 4 Sport

With over 25 years of experience across the sporting, play, physical activity and leisure sectors he brings a significant breadth of knowledge and experience within the areas of sports funding, sports development, and sports business. 

Richard first began his career in facility management before he later became a Senior Manager within Activity Sheffield, Sheffield City Council in 2004. 

Whether it’s advice on funding sources, tips and advice on how to write a successful funding bid or what to avoid, Richard is able to advise. 

Our webinar covers all you need to know about sports funding. Including the following topics

  • Who can and can’t apply for funding 
  • How you can apply for funding if you aren’t traditionally eligible 
  • Various funding streams and sources (plus what criteria you need to meet)
  • Helpful funding hints and tips
  • Where to find information on available funding 
  • Everything you need to know about Funding 4 Sport including who they are and how they can help support sports organisations with funding


We would like to thank Richard for giving such an informative and insightful webinar to our community. Also, a thank you to everyone who joined us live and asked such interesting questions.  

Missed our webinar? Watch it for FREE below. Download the presentation slides here!

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