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6 tips to help keep club funds coming in throughout the year

Want to make your club revenue more consistent throughout the year? Do you have quiet points in the year when bringing in funds become more of a struggle? We get it.

We’ve put together 6 tips to help supercharge your football club revenue throughout the year. We spoke to Kevin Miller, Vice Chair and Commercial Manager at Whitehawk FC and Football Consultant at LoveAdmin.

Here are some tactics to help you boost your grassroots football club revenue.

#1 Holiday camps

Holiday camps are a great way to boost your football club’s revenue. Think about putting on Easter, Summer or even skill focussed workshops, as they can help generate additional funds. We recommend advertising in your local community and schools to drum up new potential players for your club.

Tip: Many of our football customers use LoveAdmin software to help run and promote their holiday camps and workshops. Want to see it for yourself, get a demo here and we can show you how it works.

#2 Community and club events

Community events are always a winner. Why not set up events like football kick-abouts, cup friendlies or penalty shootouts that will help draw in a crowd and some additional funds. It’s also an excellent way to engage with the community and get your clubs’ name out there. We recommend promoting your events via multiple channels such as email, SMS, social media or your website.

Tip: With LoveAdmin software, you can easily promote your football events. Through your online shop your members can sign up and pay for events, plus you can communicate with branded newsletters in bulk to help get your event seen!

#3 Getting the best out of your sponsors

Sponsors are a key part of creating funds at any club. More often than not your sponsors will be a mix of local business owners and people already connected to the club. Kevin recommends thanking them by bringing them together for sponsorship days, stakeholder drinks or dinners. These events can be the perfect upsell opportunity!

Tip: Did you know you can sell commercial sponsorship through your own custom branded LoveAdmin shop? You can sell sponsorship and advertising across your club, including match day, email broadcasts, event sponsorships, and even accept donations.

#4 Use your clubhouse

If you have a clubhouse, it can be used for more than just football related activities. You could rent it out for weddings, events, parties or baby showers. If managed well, this is an easy way to boost funds throughout the year.

Tip: With the LoveAdmin timetable you can manage you club calendar with ease. It’s fully customisable so that you can brand it in your colours and optimised so that you can handle both football and event planning.

#5 Sell merchandise

Often overlooked, merchandise can be a great way to bring funds into the club. Aside from the monetary value, it can also be a great way for players to feel connected and involved with the club. From kits and water bottles to equipment for them to practice at home, merchandise can help contribute to your bottom line.

Tip: Your online LoveAdmin shop serves as the heart of your football club, allowing you to sell merchandise and much more. Our team will even create your shop to match your team colours as the perfect extension of your website.

#6 Monthly vs seasonally

It can sometimes feel scary to shake up your payment structure. However, more and more clubs are moving to monthly payments rather than seasonally.

We surveyed 250 UK parents and found that 56% of them prefer to be billed monthly. The majority also said that they are happy to change the way they pay if they are given a reason. With signing on fees, match fees, and all the other ad hoc payments happening all the time at the club, tracking payments can be challenging.

With monthly payments, that’s one payment per parent, per month – simplifying payments for them and reconciliation for you.

Tip: Concerned about chasing late payments? Struggling to keep track of who has or hasn’t paid? Our football club software does the hard work for by automating payments. So, you no longer have to chase payments and you also have a clearer view of the money coming in.

We hope you’ve learnt some new tactics for keeping funds coming in. If you’d like to discover what LoveAdmin can do for you, then click here to book a demo.  

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