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Did you know that 49% parents rank timing and availability as one of the most important factors when choosing an activity provider?

Katherine Whitehead
Product Marketing

On top of that 85% of parents say that it’s important or very important that an activity provider offers efficient online tools for viewing class availability.

Our new, clear and easy-to-navigate timetable view for your shop has been specifically designed to streamline your customers’ checkout experience and ultimately drive more sales and purchases.

A clear and easy-to-navigate timetable with LoveAdmin

Improve your customer experience with this fully optimised shop view, enhanced for both mobile and desktop use.

With the enhanced timetable view, you’re able to present your sessions and events in a weekly calendar format, making it easier for your members to search for and discover all that your organisation has to offer. With the ability to filter by product, age, location, time of day and coach save your customers the time and stress of finding the class they want.

Whether they’re looking for a morning dance class, an evening session run by their favourite coach, and everything in between, LoveAdmin’s new timetable is designed to help fit activities around their busy lives.

Inject a new lease of life into your timetable with just a few clicks

Easily activate the new timetable view from your organisation settings and LoveAdmin will automatically configure the perfect display for your scheduled sessions and events.

weekly timetable layout, is separated by time of day

With the weekly timetable layout, which is separated by time of day, your customers can easily see specific sessions or your whole calendar. Effortlessly promote other classes and events you offer with the option to display them in the ‘View all’ section.

Mixing up the display of your shop also comes with the additional benefits of encouraging your members to explore beyond their usual choices, whether they’re connecting with other classes run by their favourite coach or discovering new classes running during their free mornings or afternoons.

Introduce filters so they can search by what’s important to them

We know that the most important elements of choosing a new provider include quality of instruction, availability and location (we asked them). So, with the new timetable, your filter options are conveniently listed, helping your members to quickly narrow down their searches. By reducing your members’ checkout time, you improve your overall customer experience and generate more successful purchases and sign ups. Hassle free and convenient online checkouts directly correlate to repeat custom and positive customer satisfaction.

The filters are class type, age, and time of day, as well as additional location or coach filters, giving your members greater search power.

LoveAdmin timetable settings
Timetable filters
LoveAdmin's new timetable and schedule feature
Engaging online branding

Engaging and recognisable online branding has never been easier

Customise your online shop by adding colours and subtitles

Other features of the new timetable include the option to colour code and add additional subtitles to each class. Elevate your online branding with complementary colours to improve your customers’ impression and assist with pushing for more completed sales.

Achieve significant results with minimal effort and make your online shop represent and align with what your organisation has to offer. In the ‘View all’ section, our pre-selected colours automatically pull from the colour of your shop tiles, making your products easily identifiable and on-brand.

And if that’s not enough… Did you know you can also amend the name of your timetable and add subtitles to your sessions or events? Show off your online shop, by making it visually gripping and informative. By surfacing key product information with subtitles, your customers can find the sessions that work for them.

Unique URLs for quick access

Need to promote a newly launched type of class or training session? No problem, just filter the timetable and share it directly to your social media pages and email groups.

When a filter is applied to your timetable, the URL becomes specific and unique, meaning you can send your customers directly to a pre-filtered timetable. Simplify your checkout process and watch your sessions reach full capacity and sales grow.

Image Five

Elevate the timetable view for your admins

As if that wasn’t enough, how about a new and improved timetable interface for your admins? When you set a colour scheme at the product settings this also pulls through to your Timetable view. Easily identify and colour-code your classes to inject a new level of organisation and clarity.

Elevate the timetable view for your admins

There’s never going to be a better time to improve how customers discover and book onto your activities and courses. You can choose to give customers the timetable that they’re asking for, whether they’re viewing on the go or from the comfort of their sofa. And of course, we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

Currently using LoveAdmin and want to activate this brand-new timetable view for your shop? Checkout our help article here.

Not yet using LoveAdmin to manage your admin needs and improve your customer experience? Book in a demo here to find out more.

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