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The Humble SMS

Are you looking for an instant, direct and accessible way to communicate with your customers/members? Introducing the humble SMS (text message to most of us!) –  a simple way for you to communicate directly with your audience.  

Did you know that 93% of consumers are keen on using text messaging for business interactions? And guess what? Nearly all of these eager customers (90%, to be exact) dive into reading new SMS messages within three minutes of receiving them.  

If you aren’t already using SMS, then it’s high time your organisation embraces the trend to boost your member/customer satisfaction and engagement.  

Why consider SMS marketing for your organisation? 

Think about this – a communication tool that’s not challenging to set up, that doesn’t demand your constant attention, that appeals to your audience across all age groups. Sounds ideal, right? 

So, what can organisations do with SMS today?  

  • Keep customers in the loop with organisation news  
  • Remind customers that they have an upcoming class  
  • Promote new classes or events 
  • Quickly communicate urgent changes, like unexpected closures  

Still on the fence? Let’s dive into five reasons why your organisation would benefit from this impactful messaging tool.  

4 reasons why you need to harness the power of SMS marketing 

Customers prefer SMS 

Did you know that today’s customers love text messages more than other channels such as phone calls or emails? According to Ofcom, people in the UK check their mobiles, on average, every 12 minutes of their waking day. 

Thanks to mobile phones, customers have a world at their fingertips and more than likely have their phones on them constantly. Whether they’re busy or not, text messages are one of the most convenient forms of communication – and your audience will love you for embracing it.  

Top tip: The key to a good SMS message? Make sure your messages are engaging. Keep your messages short and clear to help keep your engagement rates high (and costs low!).  

SMS is familiar to everyone  

SMS is a communication tool that feels natural to your customers. It’s simple enough that customers and employees can use it with minimal or no training.  

The beauty of SMS is that your customers already have everything they need to connect with your business – their mobile phones. Customers love the convenience of not having to go looking for comms.  

But the benefits don’t stop at your customers. It’s also a breeze for you to set up and train your team on.  

Benefit from the increased open rate 

When it comes to marketing, emails often walk the fine line between spam and promotions folders. But text messages? They’re almost always read. 

Why? Because they’re clear and to the point. It only takes a few seconds to read a text message and they don’t land in a separate folder. You can wait days for customers to check their emails, and even then, you have to hope it lands in their inbox. 

The read rate for SMS is 98% compared to the average email read rate which is around 20%, so it’s quite clear who the winner is.  

Improve your customer experience 

SMS is a great way for you to connect with your members. And members love it because it helps to simplify the way they engage with your organisation. By creating effortless communication between your organisation and your customers, you create a win-win situation. Customers enjoy a seamless experience while your business receives help from improved engagement and satisfaction.  

In a busy world, simple communication channels such as SMS can often make the biggest impact.  

 SMS is now available in the latest version of the software. 

 If you would like to improve the way you communicate with your members, get a FREE consultation and demo of our powerful software.

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