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Why your activity club needs the best parent communication

In the world of children’s activities, it’s not just about how much fun the kids are having – it’s also about keeping parents informed and engaged.

Whether it’s gymnastics, football, drama or other activities, parents want to be in the know. It’s not just about sending timetable updates; it’s about effective communication that showcases the value and impact of their children’s participation.

Our What Parents Want report has given us the inside scoop from 250 UK parents, and we’re sharing it with you so you can tap into what truly motivates their decisions.

So, how do you keep your parents in the loop so that they want to keep coming back for more?

Keep reading to discover actionable tips and tricks from industry experts.

Why you need to keep your parents engaged

When it comes to what parents want, good communication is at the top of the list. They want to see their children having fun

It’s not just nice to have, it’s an important factor that influences parents’ decisions. Our What Parents Want report highlighted that 87% of parents consider online communication to be an important feature when it comes to their children’s activities. This isn’t surprising given that 25% said that communication was a big factor when deciding whether to renew their child’s activity.

Top tip: The LoveAdmin system helps you to dive into your communication reports to track opens, fine-tune your messaging, and boost your parent engagement.

Communications impact on renewal rates

Communication isn’t just about sharing information, it’s also an influencer. In fact, nearly a third of parents (32%) want better communication or better visibility into how their child is getting on.

For those involved in performing arts activities, the influence of good communication on renewal rates is just as important, with 31% of parents being more likely to renew due to effective communication.

Strategies for effective communication

So, what can you do as an activity provider to meet these communication expectations?

Establishing efficient communication channels is key. Sending timely updates and essential information via social media, email, and SMS can keep parents in the loop without overwhelming them.

Plus, providing easily accessible and up-to-date information on class schedules and availability can help parents plan and stay engaged.

But remember consistent branding is key. You need to make sure to brand your communications so that parents can easily identify updates at a glance.

Here’s some tips on how to keep your branding consistent:

  • Utilise headers for professional, branded emails
  • Opt for custom send names in SMS for instant recognition
  • Design social media posts with the same look and feel as your website and emails

Top tip: You can create customised emails via the LoveAdmin system, including email banners, footers and picture content. Plus, our SMS functionality also means you can communicate with parents via your own custom send name, making it even easier.

Here is what the experts have to say

“Building engagement is communication’s toughest part, but it can be achieved with a bit of test and learn. Parents are looking for it, but one email isn’t enough. You want to be providing regular touchpoints for them to read. Varying the outreach method, the time of day, format, and imagery can help attract your audience’s attention when they’re in the mood to read it. And make it look more engaging!”
Abi Jacks, Director of Marketing & Growth, LoveAdmin

“Be aware how busy parents are; make it easy for them to access the information they need to know. Have it in various places, for example, a knowledge bank on your website, emails, a member’s area, an information pack. To really stand out from the crowd, set up a system to regularly update parents about what their children are doing in sessions.”
Dr Jenni Bradford, ICAP

Key takeaways for activity providers

  • Establish efficient comms with parents. Send updates and important information on social media, and by email and SMS
  • Give easily accessible, up-to-date information on class schedules and availability
  • Don’t be afraid to add attachments to emails and provide additional information: more is more when it comes to communication
  • Stay on brand – help your parents easily spot an update from you by keeping branding aligned in every email
  • If you don’t have good communications built into your class and club management software – get a quick demo of why our comms are industry-leading

For more insights into What Parents Want, download the FREE report here.

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