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Are you interested in learning how psychology can help your organisation leave a lasting impression on potential customers? 

Enter the halo effect – a social-psychology phenomenon that can either make or break your success. 

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the halo effect, including how to use it to your advantage and avoid any potential downfalls. Get ready to take your organisation to the next level! 

What is the halo effect?

The halo effect is an interesting notion that often influences our decision-making. It describes the way we tend to prefer something or someone based on a previous positive experience we had with them, or how visually attractive they are.  

Take this example, if you manage a gymnastics club and one of your coaches is excelling in particular, it’s easy to believe they’re the perfect candidate for management. However, being a great gymnastics coach doesn’t mean they will perform any better as a manager due to the different skill sets required for those roles. 

The halo effect has given an impression of their competence relating to something where there is no proof of it. Be mindful of its influence when making decisions at your business. 

Why should you use the halo effect to your advantage?

Using every available tool to grow your business is a no-brainer. And knowing how to use the halo effect to your advantage can be a game-changer. It allows you to pinpoint which aspects of your business deserve a halo and which ones don’t. 

Take Apple, for instance. They launched their iPod, reckoning that it had cultural significance, and put most of their marketing effort into its promotion rather than their higher-value products. This approach worked. Not only did iPod sales skyrocket, but other areas of their business also experienced significant growth. Apple became known as an incredibly cool and innovative brand overnight. 

Let’s say you’re the owner of a dance studio wanting to branch out from ballet and into street dance or jazz class. By ramping up promotion for your already stellar ballet program, you can entice more people through your doors. Once they’re in, your new students will be more open and willing to try other classes because they will already have an assumption that everything you offer is of the highest quality, just like your ballet program. 

Using the halo effect to generate interest is one thing, but maintaining those expectations by delivering exceptional service is key for repeat business.

How can the halo effect negatively impact your club or business?

The halo effect can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can generate positive buzz and help attract new customers to your club or business. But, on the other hand, it can lead to some unfounded assumptions and distract you from recognising the issues and problems that require attention. When you become too invested in the halo effect surrounding someone or something, you might miss crucial red flags that need to be addressed. 

Let’s say you’re running a football club, and you need an assistant coach. You enlist the help of one of the fathers from the sidelines who’s always been supportive and enthusiastic about the club. However, once he becomes part of the team, it becomes clear that he doesn’t enjoy playing second fiddle and has completely different ideas on how things should be done. 

That’s when you realise that your halo effect towards him blinded you from his shortcomings, and you’ve made a hiring mistake that will now require time and attention to resolve. 

In short, it’s crucial to keep the benefits and drawbacks of the halo effect in mind. Use it wisely to boost your business’s / club’s reputation, but don’t let it cloud your judgement when it comes to making important decisions.  


 Your website is your digital storefront, and it can make a massive difference in how potential customers perceive your club or business. If your website looks professional and polished, people will automatically assume that your business is also professional and polished.

Aesthetics matter, and the energy conveyed through your images and videos can take your offering to the next level, making your competitors pale in comparison. 

It’s true that assumptions shouldn’t always be trusted, but the reality is, we tend to trust our first impressions, and that halo effect from your website can significantly impact your business. So, make sure your website represents your brand in the best possible light and exudes the level of professionalism and quality that you want people to associate with your club or business. 

Maximise your social media

Don’t underestimate the power of social media for your organisation. Consistent posting not only shows how much you love what you do but also how much you’re proud of your members’ achievements. It’s a win-win situation that generates a positive halo effect for you as a business owner.  

And while not all parents might want their children featured on social media, many enjoy scrolling through photos and videos to see what their little ones have been up to during class. Keep in mind that high-quality images and videos are crucial, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out as the face of our business. 

Social media is an excellent platform to build a community of enthusiasts and potential members / customers, so make sure you interact with your followers and reply to their comments in a warm and professional manner. By creating a positive and friendly atmosphere on social media, you’re creating a halo effect that makes your organisation stand out from the rest. For tips on how to manage your social media, check out our free ebook.

User experience

Don’t you just hate it when technology lets you down at precisely the wrong moment? It’s incredibly frustrating, especially when potential customers are interested in your classes but feel discouraged by a complicated sign-up and payment process. These issues can push them away and send them running to your competitors. 

However, implementing a user-friendly and intuitive member management system can make all the difference. With this system, you not only retain existing members but also attract new customers and ensure timely payments. 

In today’s day and age, parents appreciate anything that simplifies their lives, and a good admin software that allows them to view schedules, get directions, check the team sheet, and make payments will make them glow with satisfaction under your halo. 

If your current admin software is falling short or causing aggravation, then let LoveAdmin’s easy-to-use software come to your rescue. It will help you to work smarter and faster, allowing you to focus on what you do best while LoveAdmin takes care of the rest.

The halo effect can be a game-changer

In conclusion, the halo effect can be a game-changer for your organisation if used wisely. It can help you attract new customers, showcase your strengths, and build a positive reputation. However, it’s essential to be aware of its potential drawbacks and not allow the halo effect to cloud your judgement when making important decisions. 

To fully maximise the halo effect in your business, ensure that you have a professional-looking website that reflects the level of quality you want to associate with your organisation / business. Be active on social media to build an engaged community of enthusiasts and potential customers. And most important, provide a great user experience by implementing a user-friendly member management system.

With these measures in place, you’ll be able to take your organisation to the next level and create a long-lasting positive impression on your customers. So, what are you waiting for? Start using the halo effect to your advantage and see your business soar! 

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