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In celebration of His Majesty The King’s Coronation, numerous organisations and volunteers throughout the country are uniting to help their local communities. 

Everyone can get involved regardless of their skills, as there are projects available for all. Whether it involves offering company to those who feel lonely or volunteering for a community cause, the more individuals who participate, the bigger help we will be. 

Dedicate an hour, or a day, or even make it a recurring commitment if possible. The potential for an extraordinary transformation is within reach if we all contribute a little. Come, lend a hand, and let’s create a meaningful change together! 

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get involved with The Big Help Out

What is The Big Help Out?

The Big Help Out is a non-profit initiative that is supported by several large volunteer organisations in the UK, such as the Royal Voluntary Service and the Scouts. With the aim to showcase how volunteering benefits both communities and the people who take part, this event is a great way to encourage volunteerism. 

Anyone can join in regardless of their background, as individuals or organisations can register or participate in events via the app. The main aim here is to create more volunteering opportunities in the UK and allow individuals to contribute to their communities while gaining valuable experiences. 

When does it take place? 

The Big Help Out is taking place on Monday 8th May 2023 and encourages a national day of volunteering. It also falls on the bank holiday of the coronation weekend.

How can you get involved as a volunteer? 

Becoming a volunteer couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is download The Big Help Out app to find out what events are being organised in your community. The app is available on AppStore and also Google Play. You can also sign up here if you don’t have a phone

When you download the app or sign up you’ll find a list of ways you can lend a helping hand in your area, from helping out your local football club to getting involved with some local charities, any time you give would be greatly appreciated.

How as a club / organisation could you benefit from The Big Help Out? 

There are loads of ways a club / organisation can benefit from The Big Help Out. From gaining some extra pairs of hands to help you paint the clubhouse to helping you build some fences, there are lots of ways you can benefit. 

Firstly, you need to register your event via the website, which will help to increase visibility and participation by members of the public looking for ways to join in. By registering your event you’ll be able to attract more volunteers and expand your reach.

The Big Help Out provides a platform to showcase an organisation’s good work and attract potential volunteers, supporters, and donors. This exciting volunteering campaign is a way to help raise awareness of your organisation’s mission and the positive impact you have on the local community. 

It also can help to create new opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing among different clubs, organisations, and charities. This not only allows for better coordination among voluntary organisations and charities but also can foster a positive culture of shared resources, communal support, and collaboration. Something that everyone involved can be proud of.

How can you raise awareness at your organisation? 

Make some noise about The Big Help Out volunteering campaign by helping to spread the word. 

Download the FREE digital toolkit that contains logos, posters, social media posts and even newsletter copy. 


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