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Are you looking for an effortless way to successfully fill your classes?

Look no further.

Whether you run a dance studio, gymnastics club, football academy, swim school, or anything in between, this webinar will help you increase registrations.

We recently hosted a jam-packed webinar with Alison Jones, Dance Business Coach all about this topic.

Since 2005, Alison has grown her business from five students to multiple locations with a full-time staff. Although Alison’s background is in dance, her knowledge and advice can apply to any class provider.

It was a pleasure to hear Alison share some useful secrets about how she fills her classes and her innovative four-step process for attracting new students.

Our webinar covers all you need to know about how to boost registrations

Including the following: 

  • Attract – How to attract new members via the power of Facebook ads, podcasts, articles and referral schemes. 
  • Engage – How you can engage new potential members and ultimately get their details. 
  • Nurture – The power of nurturing your prospects through value-based emails.
  • Invite – How to invite and excite people into joining. 

Thanks again to Alison for putting together such an informative and engaging webinar. A big thank you to all who participated and asked such interesting questions.

Alison has kindly provided a FREE guide on how to use email to fill your classes.

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Watch it below. 

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Alison discussed the benefits of having an automated system in place to assist with communication and streamline her administrative tasks. Find out how LoveAdmin’s dance school software can help to transform your studio. 

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